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    Nm, I figured it out!
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    Where is the tab info stored?, I have problems with tabs info dissapearing from one session to the next one, and I'd like to make a copy of the tab config in case I want to restore tabs and dont loose the current state of the adventure.

    I've searched the xml files, and doesnt seem to be there, but there must be in the campaign folder, since I made a backup just after the game that I restored succesfully when tabs dissapeared.

    Any clues?
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    I've just found it... it is at the CampaignRegistry.lua file in the campaign folder and I've figured out why tab config dissapeared:

    ["Tabber"] = {
    ["version"] = "v0.6.6",
    ["GM"] = { [.... tab configuration ...]
    Tab config is linked to GM name, if you change it, then FGTabber assumes it is a new GM and removes the tab config, just change the name of the GM, change at CampaignRegistry.lua the GM name to the new one and it will work again.

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    Does anyone know if this is this compatible with Celestian's better menu's yet?

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