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    Top Secret / SI or NWO

    Anyone know of a good ruleset for either Top Secret / SI or NWO?

    I found one made by Ionofrao a long time ago that might be a good starting point but I wanted to see if anyone had anything newer.

    Took some digging since his link is gone but i found it.
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    I would totally dig seeing an original Top Secret ruleset. I used to play that all the time, it was great. It probably wouldn't be one of the harder rulesets as things were pretty simple back in the genesis of RPG mechanics but sadly to time-consuming for me to try.

    I never really got into SI. I was more into the real world geopolitics and not so much into the global organizations like Web and such. I had major hopes for NWO until I bought and read the rules and there was so much sadness. The original was such a simple, easy flow mechanic and NWO was like OMG WHAT?

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    MoreCore. I suspect it already has all the rolls you will need and you just need to build a character sheet and add rolls where appropriate.

    Also, you don't need a dedicated ruleset or all the automation of something like PF or D&D. I play a Star Frontiers campaign and the rolls are simple and health and inventory etc is just all tracked as open fields on the sheet. It works just fine.

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    At least the original rules should work pretty well in anything as the only rules are D10 and D100.

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