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    Release Updates for October 22nd, 2019

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated:

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Core Rules
    • [FIXED] CR2.056 - Small refman formatting issues
    • [UPDATED] Moved ancestry heritages to unique records. This allows incorporating multiple heritage sources (Core Rules, Character Guide, etc.) into a single selection dialog when the ancestry is added to the PC.
    • [ADDED] v1.07 versioning to reference manual.

    PFRPG2 Ruleset
    • [Updated] "Release 8" added to the chat version.
    • [Updated] Bonus damage dice for weapon properties: striking, greater striking and major striking added correctly. Removed if weapon is not ID'd. See Wiki -> User Guides -> PFRPG2 -> Items.
    • [Updated] Removed Ancestry chat messages except the initial ancestry added message - all messages still in the chargen tracker.
    • [Added] Heritages removed from the base Ancestry racial traits and added as a new record (accessible from a button in the Ancestries window).
    • [Added] Option to select heritage added when ancestry added to a PC. All heritages for the ancestry added (in the campaign and opened modules) will be listed as options - which a link to allowing reviewing each in detail before selection.
    • [Added] Functionality to allow weapons to have multiple damage and damage type entries. See Wiki -> User Guides -> PFRPG2 -> Items.
    • [Added] [DEV] GlobalDebug now usable from player side.
    • [Fixed] RS2.055 Identifying a magical weapon after adding to a PC will add +1 to attack and damage - it should only be damage.
    • [Fixed] RS2.062 Release 7 - Save conditions not working: Clumsy, Drained, Frightened and Sickened
    • [Fixed] RS2.063 COVER and GCOVER effects and modifier buttons don't apply reflex save circumstance bonuses (+1 and +2 whereas they should be +2 and +4).
    • [Fixed] RS2.064 Rolling PC initiative from the CT wouldn't use PC init bonus
    • [Fixed] RS2.065 Encumbered doesn't apply Clumsy: 1

    Mongoose Traveller 2E
    • [Updated] Added 'Robot' to the NPC's. You now have Tech Level, Cost and Programming fields (plus hits etc)
    • [Updated] Worlds now support new fields, Sector, SubSector, System and Allegiances
    • [Fixed] If the image is maximised the buttons are now once again accessible
    • [Fixed] NPC some fields were left editable after the lock was closed
    • [Fixed] NPC weapon actions not editable until after the NPC was locked/unlocked
    • [Fixed] Ignore Cr if that's in the PC 'Cash on Hands' field when using the Party Sheet to split money
    • [Fixed] If the PC 'Cash on Hands' field is empty there was a error
    • [Fixed] If the PC has Jack of all Trades and they use their Unskilled Skill, it will now apply the JoaT to that roll

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage
    • [Updated] All tokens for NPCs from the monster Manual
    • [Updated] All images for NPCs from the monster manual
    • [Updated] Original tokens unique to the module update to look like those from the MM
    • [Added] New potential encounter with a weakened Fazriar
    • [Added] Solid walls to Map level 9 where there are illusionary walls
    • [Added] Languages to Awakened creatures
    • [Fixed] Glitch in Map Level 7
    • [Fixed] Various links in the reference section that were linking to the wrong entries
    • [Fixed] NPC Arcuria’s Spellcasting and innate spellcasting traits and added description in Notes
    • [Fixed] Elemental Gem magic item description
    • [Fixed] Guitar Dagger is now a magic item instead of treasure
    • [Fixed] Various weapons missing weights
    • [Fixed] A couple of typos
    • [Fixed] Demi-lich’s hit points
    • [Removed] A couple of duplicate magic items

    Rise of Tiamat
    • [Updated] All tokens of Monsters from the Monster Manual replaced with the MM tokens
    • [Updated] All original tokens for NPCs unique to the module updated to look like the MM ones
    • [Updated] All MM artwork updated to the same as the artwork in the MM
    • [Removed] Appendices A, B and D from the reference section since they were superfluous
    • [Removed] Appendices A and B from story since they were superfluous
    • [Removed] Sea of Moving Ice Encounters from reference manual since it served no purpose.
    • [Fixed] Dragontooth Dagger not giving correct bonus and damage

    Hoard of the Dragon Queen
    • [Updated] Errata Various encounters in Chapter 1 changed
    • [Updated] Errata Various typos and text clean up in Chapter 1
    • [Updated] All tokens of Monsters from the Monster Manual replaced with MM tokens
    • [Updated] All original tokens for NPCs unique to the module updated to look like the ones in the MM
    • [Updated] All MM artwork updated to the same as the artwork in the MM
    • [Fixed] Some magic armours not showing bonuses
    • [Fixed] Hazirawan (magic weapon) not showing bonuses or additional damage

    D&D Unearthed Arcana
    • [Added] Article on Fighter, Rogue, and Ranger archetypes

    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
    • [Added] New map module (called Sword Coast Maps) which contains all of the maps from the Campaign Guide in a format useable by GMs in their campaigns. Maps can now be pinned etc making them more GM friendly. The Sword Coast Map has also been reduced considerably in resolution and size so that it is more share friendly.

    SFRPG Ruleset
    REV 1.2.0
    • [Added] Companions system
    • [Fixed] RP being spent on all action rolls.
    • [Fixed] Inventory: Should be adding 1 bulk per 1000 UPB
    • [Added] Class level effects now possible (see Effects below)
    • [Fixed] Critical attacks Damage not applying on weapon attack for PC.
    • [SKILLS] Ranks no longer can go above Characters Level (Characters Level - ree Skills for Operatives free skills.)

    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Ruleset
    • [Fixed] Assign trait die effect doesn't work properly

    Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition Ruleset
    • [Fixed] Assign trait die effect doesn't work properly

    D&D Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    • [Updated] All NPC tokens to those found in the Monster Manual
    • [Added] Some new tables to cater for Faerie Dragon encounters
    • [Fixed] Double paragraph of text
    • [Fixed] Typo in Control Winds spell
    Last edited by Trenloe; October 22nd, 2019 at 17:36. Reason: PFRPG2 ruleset - added weapon multi-damage info.

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