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    Call of Cthulhu Token Set (Devin Night?!)

    Hey folks, this is mainly for those of us who don't get to play in person and use programs like Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds. I sent an email off to Devin Night (one of the best token artists) and he said he's game for making some CoC tokens. His packs that he sells are pretty much from commissioned work, just a theme collection. He said he normally charges $15 per token, (with the whole packs of multiple tokens going for usually $5 each) But, he was willing to drop to $10 if we got enough people on board for a theme.

    So in essence, if we can get 30 people in on this, that's each person chipping in $25, and we all get a token pack with 60 tokens. And if we can get another 30 in on it, another $5 each, and another 60 tokens.

    I'm definitely interested in this, and would be willing to chip in for 3 or 4 tokens, anyone else game? I would love to get some pulp era tokens in, and if we get enough folks, we can then come up with ideas for what the tokens will be, and organize who commissions what. I will be cross posting this on the CoC Reddit and on the CoC FB group, trying to get maximum number of people involved.

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    I love his tokens. I am in!

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    Sadly, only you two have shown interest so far. Any other ideas on places to post to try and get support?

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    Kickstarter? Not sure if there is a minimum but a 750 goal seems doable, especially if you aim it generic enough to use with CoC but also similar era / genre games.

    The other advantage is that your funding is a little more set than just a bunch of people on the forum saying sure. Of course you would want to work out the specifics in advance like once cash is delivered how long will it be from commission to delivery. Get an idea of exactly what you want the tokens to be. Etc. Maybe buy a couple of samples in advance to show off quality and content.

    Not saying it is the only or best option but it has worked in the past for a good number of people.

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    My main thing is, I don't want to get into the situation where I am responsible for the money, and where accusations can get out of hand. It would be best for everyone to get together, agree on the tokens which they want to see, then we all send Devin the money and give him the list. Sure it would be EASIER to have it all filtered through one person, but it also may cause issues. Although, I may talk to him about moderating a kickstarter for him for this. Might help, since then he's got his name backing it, and can use the connections he's already built.

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    We kinda did something like this before for "Space opera" tokens - where individuals got in touch with Devin, described what they wanted and paid him direct. There was no bulk discount as it would have been impossible to do that without a coordinator. Some info here: https://immortalnights.com/tokensite/?p=13158 and the links are here: https://immortalnights.com/tokensite...-shopping-cart

    If you don't want to coordinate the bulk buy, or can't find someone to take it on, then a similar approach might be one to consider...
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    Devin and I came up with an idea. There WILL be a pack of Pulp Era tokens, I am going to fund it! He made me a deal I can't resist and if others want to order more, or maybe see if he will do the same deal with you, then you can pay a larger sum and get a full pack Likely he will start it sometime in December, but this gives me a chance to write down a list of tokens to make for a 20's era game. Going to be around 30ish tokens for this pack, but I may end up funding two or three of these if he's game.

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    I'm in.
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    So I decided for the first pack, I am going to go all humans, all basic players/NPC type stuff. Next one I want to get will be monsters, so may have less. Got a list of 30 basic looks for characters, so folks who want more can add to it, and such. He did say he would make some variations (I am hoping male/female variants for those that can) for them so it would be a little more than 30.

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