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    You are correct that the FG app has never crashed to desktop. However, I can make the Symbaroum crash in the sense that it gets a script error that will not stop happening. So I am here referring to the Symbaroum module crashing, not FG. Note that I never referred to the table issue as a crash, only as a bug. I then mentioned that Symbaroum is generally unstable (true), and that I can get it to crash (true when crash means that it is dysfunctional enough to have to be restarted). I also mentioned that I can work around everything except the table bug, so this shows I am not trying to unfairly disparage FG or the ruleset, just reporting on the facts.
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    I will reproduce the script errors, but, again, it is the table bug that has been confirmed that is my biggest issue at this point. I can avoid the script errors by restricting how I use the system, so this is not critical, but I need the tables to build the sandbox among other things. It would be fantastic if Symbaroum also fully de-bugged the excellent Abilities/Traits/and Custom NPCs that it seeks to support, so I will take the time to recreated and post script errors ASAP. In the meantime, please forward the table bug. My 5e campaign is over halfway done and I need to start working on the next campaign, which will take months of work... I'd love it to be Symbaroum!

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    OK, first script error occurred in seconds:
    1) Click on NPCs
    2) Drag icon for NPC "Voiling" down so it is copied and shows on list (done this 100s of times in 5e and Savage Worlds).
    3) Open new NPC by clicking on "Voiling"
    4) Click on padlock to unlock.
    5) Get error "Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/npc.lua"]:15: attempt to call field 'update' (a nil value)"

    Next a deeper level of this kind of custom NPC update.
    1) Click on abilities and create new ability named "Diseased Bite" have it only be a roll (which sometimes works) as a contest, but also check the Has Effect checkbox (mentioned prior)
    2) Assign this ability to the prior Voiling.
    3) Put into combat tracker and then try to use this new ability after targeting PC.
    4) Try to click on the ability as you can with other abilities.
    5) Generates this error "Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/npc.lua"]:15: attempt to call field 'update' (a nil value)
    Ruleset Warning: windowlist: Could not find empty font (list-empty-ct) for control (list) in windowclass (combattracker_host)
    Script Error: [string "scripts/ability_effect_button.lua"]:15: attempt to index a nil value"
    6) While this time I could not reproduce it, I dragged a standard NPC into combat tracker and was able to create script errors after doing the above, even after removing the custom NPC from tracker. Restarting Symbaroum was enough to clear that problem in that case.

    So far, again, my biggest and most consistent script errors are on and around adding Abilities and Traits and creating custom NPCs. Besides this (which is very unstable) and the tables issue, I have encountered no other problems. Then again, I only got 1% into designing my campaign and was stopped cold by the table bug.
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    I understand that the main developer on this has recently moved, but I'm going to bump this issue so that they can, hopefully, be informed about it when getting back to work on this.

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    Hi AKB!

    Sorry for the late answer.

    Unfortunately yes I have moved last thursday and hopefully I should have internet access again before the end of this week! As soon as that happens I'll finish up the most recent work and patch the module. The main issue which you have has been solved.

    The second one I haven't looked into much unfortunately but judging from the error it should be a fairly easy fix, thank you!

    Please keep a lookout in the official Symbaroum thread for when I send patches to SW!


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