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    I have sent the DM a message with no reply. I do see though on the game calendar that they have accepted player as active for the campaign. I hope this is still happening, looking forward to this campaign for awhile

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    Count me out. I have found 2 other games. Thanks.

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    I didn't know the game calendar doesn't send notifications, I'll send DMs to the players. Sorry about the confusion.

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    Interested in playing, 5e savvy, Wednesday's off this month and next. PST time zone.

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    Greetings fellow adventurers! I am wondering if you are still looking for players. New to FG and hope to find a good role playing game. Let me know.
    - Faith, Steel and Gunpowder.

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    If there were room and the time difference wasn't a factor I'd be interested

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    Are you still looking for players? I am available at the time slot every other Wednesday, just depends if our "every other matches". I would love to hear more information to see if I may join.

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