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    LFP Lost Mine of Phandelver, Wednesday evenings in EST time zone

    DM looking to gain experience while running Lost Mine of Phandelver. My second FG campaign, first with AL rules. 4 - 5 players for every other Wednesday, 6 - 10 pm EST, beginners very welcome! I firmly believe story takes precedence with an RP focused style of play. Talking your way out of combat makes me very happy. I have an Ultimate license. Looking for players that want to sign on for the whole thing, even if the campaign takes months. Please note RP focus, while it's a published adventure I am very supportive of well rounded characters acting out their decisions.

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    Do you have a projected start date? I work every other Wednesday and if it starts on my off week I will definitely want to join if its every two weeks.

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    Project start date just moved to Nov 6.

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    That works out perfect. I will have that Wednesday and every other available. If you are still doing every other week.

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    Hi. William here. I am interested in play. I am new. I will need help along the way but have the time to play. Please reply and let me know.

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    new player as asked...was a 2e back in the day but just getting back in the world of dnd lotws of things to cover but im willing if ur able to cope with thx like to play a halfling fighter if possible...dealers choice

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    What are AL rules? I have been interested in D&D a long time but never played. I think I will enjoy role playing a lot and I am excited to try. The schedule works for me very well and I will make it every session.

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    I believe AL stands for adventure league rules.

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    well chking in on status of game is it still on for the 6th..????

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