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    Plot point campaign

    How can you access the plot point campaign from a setting book?

    My group and I will be running rippers next and I was wondering if I had to make all the quests that are in the book or not.


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    You can access the Rippers Resurrected GMs Handbook in the Library. The PPC is located in there. It has all the NPC's for you. Maps and handouts as well...

    If you don't see this book in your library, then first you need to purchase it... but assuming that, you'll need to turn on the module. In the Library, you'll see a button labeled "Modules". Click that. Find the Rippers books and click "Load". Do this for any books you want available.
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    As :{ BK }: mentions, this is all in the FG library module. You can see some of this in the example screenshots, especially the fourth one, in the product page here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store...p?id=PEGFGSWRR
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    I did purchase everything and load all the modules, however I am still unable to locate the plot point campaign.

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    I'm at work, but it's in the Rippers Resurrected GMs Handbook, most likely in the section labeled "The Ripper's World", it's called "Return of Evil"... if not, just keep clicking around in the book, I assure you it's there
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    You did not state if you are talking about Rippers or Rippers Resurrected, if you mean Rippers than the plot point might be in the Stories (it's been a long time since I made that module!)
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