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    Ruleset Script error help

    Hi the problem I have is I am trying to run the rifts ruleset that I found in the forums here. When I load the campaign it gives me the following script error: Script Error:[string "scripts/desktopmanager.lua"]103: attempt to call field 'setTooltipText' [a nil value]

    Sorry if this was talked about else where. I looked for a solution in the forums but was unable to find it. Unfortunately I also do not have any xml experiance yet...though I think I will be picking it up to try new things in FGII.

    Anyway if someone knows what I am doing wrong or has a working ruleset for rifts that would be great. I am hoping to start a game with my friends in the future.

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    This error occurs if you are running an old version of FG. Since about v2.3 the FG engine has supported dynamic tool tip text, but prior to that it didn't.

    You'll need to update your FG software to the latest version (currently 2.5.1), which is easy if your copy of FG is kosher.


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    Thanks that fixed it. I didn't even think to check which version I was running...

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    v.3.3.8 Doesn't run the ruleset. Gets an error and then most of the windows don't have a close button either. It was a decent ruleset while it worked, but there was a lot to be desired in the end.

    There is a pretty good fandom for Rifts, but in recent years they've been getting disheartened, even with the continued publishing of the older books in PDF form.

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    Yeah, 10 year old rulesets are going to struggle and look sparse by current standards.
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    Someone could probably redo using Morecore Ruleset as the base, perhaps? Palladium Fantasy uses a similar ruleset as RIFTS.

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