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Thread: 5E Enhancer

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    Is anyone else seeing issues with automatic ranged modifier? I’ve had to turn it off in my game. The specific issue was around throwing daggers.
    I was having problems with ranged modifiers with player characters only that were imported from DnD Beyond. Once I removed the ranged weapon from the inventory and re-added it in FG from Items, the issue would be resolved.
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    I've added some positions to the flanking script for large creatures that I had overlooked from the optional flaking rules on page 251 of the DMG.
    Large creatures will now properly flank as long as one square qualifies for flanking.

    If I have time I may be working on Huge and Gargantuan later.
    Are you sure?

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    Hey guys.
    I cant see any blood on the token if I install the ext. as written in the first post of this.
    - Guess I still need to place blood pictures somewhere? But where?

    And I cant use the auto. ranged thing..
    If I try to atk with a bow in melee the atk roll do not work. Only the dmg dice rolls on the targed.
    - But if I do turn it off in setting the ranged atk in melee do work again (classic without dis)..

    Edit: I've tested this all in a fresh campaign too.. Still not working.
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    From memory, you have to set some config on in the options to get the blood. Have you done that?

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    Okey.. The ranged thing works now.. Still have the problem with no blood or death token shown. Any ideas? Already activated it in the settings...

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    On my session (DM side) i don't see the blood effects and skulls or crosses. But my players can see all of that.

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