I just spent far too long discussing and arguing the RAI and RAW for Mythic Vital Strike.

For those of you that don't know, its quite the munchkin tool. Insanity damage rolls no matter how its interpreted.

So, since it tends to be a game breaker I came up with this edit that seems to have appeased everyone:

"When using Vital Strike (and its later improvements) you add a bonus to the damage roll equal to your tier. You apply 1.5 Str damage for the weapon you use or 2x Str damage if you use a two-handed weapon. Should you score a critical hit on this attack, you multiply all values as is normal for critical hits.

You may spend 1 point of mythic power as an immediate action to deal maximum damage on any vital strike you make, but you must declare this before the attack roll is made."

If any DMs out there are having issues with that feat in any mythic games you might be playing, then maybe this will help. Or perhaps you already came up with something better.

I didn't expect to have a 2 day derailing over this feat, but man alive did it make some waves.