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    The Many Personalities of Rage

    For the DMs out there that like to home brew stuff, but sometimes don't have the time or willingness to make named NPCs, along with the sheets for them I decided to make a module just for y'all (also anyone that might want inspiration for making a new character.) All based off of old or current characters i am playing.
    This module is for 5e, and contains 17 named npcs, as well as items for said npcs. In the stories contains the additional information on the characters such as their appearance, deity they worship, personality, and origins. This module also includes the regular wild magic surge table, as well as a expanded table i made that has 500 possible effects. These npcs are at various levels, ranging between level 1, and 30. They are also of a number of classes, both spell casting and not.

    I did my best to keep things down to the pertinent information for traits actions, spells, etc... but there are some that is still pretty cluttered.

    Edit: I am working on refining the module, as i noticed after the fact that there are some things that i could stream line a bit. Also some of the items got messed up and need to retyped.

    Edit 2: Just finished refining the module, the changes that were made are as follows. Links in the stories to the npc sheets, changing of the traits in alot of the npc sheets cutting them down to just the important stuff, class levels listed in the others tab of the npc sheets, and some minor changes to the character stories. I've also added a few more npcs making it an even 20.

    The Many Personalities of Rage.mod
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