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    In the latest patch notes I see that Hoots and Rusty were fixed in Edgewatch AP1, do we know exactly what was fixed?

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    AoE - Pagoda: Doors don't have walls at their sides, so something like this can happen.

    Onken can see Wax through the open side-wall of the doorway once the door is opened.

    AoE: Dreaming Palace 1st floor: Small part of the wall missing.

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    Thanks. I caught that later in most of the rest... but, yeah, there are so many little nooks and crannies to catch, I appreciate when you report the ones I missed
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    I wonder why the Pagoda maps uses thicker walls, but the later maps only use a single LoS line? Which works better in practice (we only just started using Unity)?

    The new sight rules (center to edges) means that LoS mapping has to be extra careful. I posted an example (same AP, but irrelevant corner in actual gameplay) here:

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    I can't speak for everyone else, but I will say that LOS is definitely a work in progress for me. I am constantly experimenting with various terrain, wall, secret door, window, etc., uses to try to find a "best solution". Ideally, I wouldn't be releasing anything until I was very satisfied with every use of these new tools within the game, but that could mean not giving FG users any of the Agents AP for months (just finished the 4th and sending it to review), and I'd rather see it out there than stuck in a edit-loop trying to make it perfect.

    To be honest, it's where getting input back really helps. I know it might be more desirable to having everything spot-on when released, but I simply am not sure what looks best and, more importantly, plays best without seeing it in action and getting feedback from the many users out there who are giving LOS and Unity a go. It is why I really do appreciate feedback because it helps me get perspective I might not be able to attain myself.
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    I think we are fine for the time being. The thick vs. thin wall is something to try out. If thin walls are good enough than doing extra work for thick walls is unnecessary. We need to play more building maps until I can give useful feedback about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weissrolf View Post
    Age of Ashes 1: Citadel Altaerein map

    Tokens/PCs can walk through arrow slits, regardless of them being open or closed.
    Sorry... it took me a while to get to this. This was created before the window type of FGU occluder existed. However, in retrospect, I decided to make the arrow slits as doors instead of windows. Some GMs may not want it to be possible for the PCs to walk around the castle and automatically be able to see the inside (as would happen with windows). So I made them doors. This gives maximum flexibility for the GMs (open if they want them to be more like windows; closed if they want them to be boarded up and not constantly open for peeping toms).

    This has been submitted into into the dev cycle and will be in the TEST environment shortly. It will be in the LIVE system on Tuesday, 12/8.
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    In the Slithering, the Ahvothian found in room C2 of the Plaza of the Feasting Fiend has its attacks and damages separated by semicolons( ; ) instead of commas( , ) causing the automation to not work.

    Took me a couple rounds of combat to figure out why I was having trouble.

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