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    Quote Originally Posted by GunWar View Post

    There is a bug with NPC King Harral - there is problem with damage roll (please see attachment), when the mouse is hovered over, nothing happens
    Hi GunWar,

    This issue has been fixed and is marked for release as a hotfix. This means that it should be pushed into the LIVE system within a day or two.

    If you need the fix before then, just change the semicolon to a comma:

    Shove); Damage 2d12+12


    Shove), Damage 2d12+12
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    AP Age of Ashes Player's Guide

    The most absolutely minor of typo errors, the Hellknight Historian background has the text
    You decided to join the Call for Heroes to hoping to gain an opportunity to explore Citadel Altaerein

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    FG doesn't properly recognize specific magic weapons as weapons, specific shields as shields and the Bracers of Armor as armor, making their automation not work properly. The fix is to have both "weapon" and "weapons" work as category and also "shield" and "shields". For Bracers of Armor the category should be changed from "worn item" to "armor" (even though it's technically not correct, I know).

    And all those stats would need to be filled in retroactively for all source books.
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    The name of the product: Abomination Vaults 2:
    Hands of the Devil
    The issue:
    incorrect / missing encounter
    The name of the sections/objects impacted (e.g. the map name, the feat name, the story title, etc.):
    Room D5 repeats the encounter for room D4, on Map of Prison (level 7). There is no D5 encounter in the encounter listing. This means the encounter with Barcumbuk and the barbazu is not available and has to be crafted from the bestiary (with mods for the hell forged weapons)
    If you know a fix, what that fix should be.
    Add D5 encounter and link it in the room description
    Screenshots if appropriate.
    Screenshot 2022-01-15 123057.png

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