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    Meander's Map Question

    I am a huge fan of the Meander's modular maps for fantasy grounds. Since these maps are smiteworks DLC I can't think of a way to use the maps to create my own larger scale area. Is there a way I can do this in game by creating a new image and somehow copying and pasting the map portions I want onto a blank grided map? How can I use Meander's most effectively?

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    Buy them from the creator!

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    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    You can't do this within FG Classic. You should be able to in Unity however. Currently you would need to use GIMP or Photoshop or something similar to join maps together and then import the joined map into FG.
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    Thank you both of you! Man I cannot wait until Unity!!

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    Hello This is Kris, Meander Maker. While you cannot currently visually join two maps together seamlessly in FG Classic, partly due to the size restrictions, but also since the mapping only allows single images - you could do as the above gentlemen suggest and buy from GTW to get unlocked access to the maps - but you can also use PINS to simulate continuity of the maps within FG. Meanders are proving popular - but their true potential has not even been unlocked as giant modular terrain in FG due to its restrictive memory and toolset.

    However - in the Top-Left hand corner of any image file there is a link button, it will look different depending on which ruleset you have I think - but its always in the same place. Open two maps lets say, desert (Map A) and a desert to forest blender (Map B). We want to join them so what we Can do, is place the two maps side by side and play with the sizing til they match up with one another. Drag map A's pin onto the far left edge of Map B .where the two terrains meet. Now, drag Map B's pin over to the far right middle edge of the Map A. You should end up with two red pins more or less side by side. Now, when you get to the edge of Map A, you just click the pin and it will open up Map B. In this way you can connect as many Meanders as you want - just remember to Unshare them (marked with a white 'P' in your Mapgs/Images scroll down menu) when you don't need them.

    All Meanders FG Packs have this tooltip in them too, in Story, section (3), Hot Tips.

    Hope this helps you and thank you very much for your kind words and support for my maps - I am very nearly at 1000 now... and zombie, modern and post-apocalyptic sets are only a few weeks away from being ready.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    I am a HUGE fan of your material starting with squareware. I beleive we have spoken a bit before. I did not know about your GTW but I will be buying from there from now on. Kris do you happen to have several Science Fiction based maps? I own the token module and I think the Area 51 modular map. But I am looking for something like a high tech dungeon. I am running a spaceships and starwyrms campaign for 5th edition and there is a race of humans called the Veerux. They seed planets with these temple complexes that hold technologifal marvels that are meant to raise that planets humanity to a supreme race. They turn the race into xenophobic dominants and using the tech grant them space age capabilities. I am a terrible artist while at the same time I have very high standards for what maps look like. Your maps are the bar. Would you happen to have any recomendations that you have produced that could fit this description or a very old dungeon description? Thanks brother. And well done!

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    Thanks so much - that's really awesome! if we have spoken before I don't recognize this username so I apologise

    I have approx 125 Sci-fi Meander Maps sorted into FG packs: Area 51, Planetside, Galactic Cruiser and Spaceport. Sometimes though, I don't have enough maps to make a complete new module (I aim for around 25-30) and some get left out. At the GTW shop you can go to Shop > and a drop down bar offers you categories like sci-fi to look through individual maps.

    In terms of a high-tech dungeon I might suggest the Supermax Galactic Prison set (Sci-fi Meanders 37-40)

    and/or this: https://www.gametilewarehouse2020.co.../mothership-04
    Remember that Meanders are modular so they will fit with each other so you can use one map to make a truly massive one and mix them. In photoshop FLIP VERTICAL is also good for adding variation.

    For the temples that they raise on the planet surface, you might try this concept - it is a gigantic spaceship which you place meanders inside to customize the area. You can drag the pins from meanders into the sockets instead until you have more memory - or shrink them down on photoshop to fit, export that as a jpeg at no larger than 2000x2000 and re-import it to FG where you can then place the respective pins for the maps in the sockets. https://www.gametilewarehouse2020.co...kin-planetside

    For a Very old dungeon - I would reccomend my Living Demonic Prison mega-meander - https://www.gametilewarehouse2020.co...demonic-prison
    just remember to make it 2000x2000 or less when you add it to FG.

    If you go here > https://www.gametilewarehouse2020.co...chable-terrain
    And on the left hand column in red and yellow select 'Mega-Menaders' - you'll get some additional sci-fi settings, including massive above planet settings and a spacescape + ships designed for Spelljammer.

    I hope to expand the Sci-fi range in 2020.

    Thank heaps for your support, hopefully some of these suggestions hit the mark. Happy gaming man

    EDIT: I do intend a printable book and pdf called the 'Meanderverse' after I hit 1000 meanders to help users find the right map for the right job too.
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    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    These work exactly how I would have imagined. Thank you very much Kris. I look forward to loading up my FG Modules with all of your maps and artwork.

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    Hey you're very welcome, thanks for your support and if you or anyone else needs map suggestions I'm happy to advise. No-one knows my range better than I do - so I can often shortcut the hunt.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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