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    New Version!

    New features:

    • Character Sheets now use comboboxes instead of stringcyclers in many places
    • Mod-values on combat sheet are now applied
    • Can select Cover type on Combat Sheet and adds the corresponding bonus to armor rolls
    • Can select grappling state and it will reduce the combat options if you're grappling
    • Can select distance to target and it will change the mod for ranged attacks correspondingly
    • Spells section got new fields to mark rituals and spell range
    • Inventory now calculates the weight of your items and your (standard) carrying capacity. Each consumable die is considered to weigh 1.
    • If you have an existing module with skill descriptions, you can change the links in the file scripts\data_common.lua to match your module.

    Reworked record sheets:
    • New spell record sheet spells.png
    • New item record sheet items.png
      Items can now be dropped into the Gear section of the main character sheet, and the weapon section of the combat sheet.
    • New npc record sheet npcs.png

    Has better combat tracker integration. The attributes are linked to the combat tracker, and can be edited in the combat tracker to directly affect the number of dice rolled by the NPC. Activate the MoreCore option to show attribute 4 in the combat tracker.

    This will break your existing NPC sheets, however.
    Here's some search&replace terms you can use on your database file and module client.xml files to ease the conversion.
    Make backups of your databases!
    <refa type="string">Strength : (a1),(a2),(a3)</refa> --> <refa type="string">...Strength : (a) available</refa>
    <refa_path type="string"></refa_path> --> <refa_path type="string">...Strength</refa_path>
    <refa type="string">Agility : (a1),(a2),(a3)</refa> --> <refa type="string">...Agility : (a) available</refa>
    <refa_path type="string"></refa_path> --> <refa_path type="string">...Agility</refa_path>
    <refa type="string">Wits : (a1),(a2),(a3)</refa> --> <refa type="string">...Wits : (a) available</refa>
    <refa_path type="string"></refa_path> --> <refa_path type="string">...Wits</refa_path>
    <refa type="string">Empathy : (a1),(a2),(a3)</refa> --> <refa type="string">...Empathy : (a) available</refa>
    <refa_path type="string"></refa_path> --> <refa_path type="string">...Empathy</refa_path>
    /die (a1)d61 --> /die (a)d61
    items> --> gearnpc>
    specialattack> --> special>

    This will convert the strength/agility/wits/empathy links of the MoreCore rolls. It will not move your attribute values from the MoreCore-fields to the new fields, you have to do that yourself (or work out a regular expression for that). The MoreCore-rolls for attributes are not used anymore with this new sheet.
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    thank you very much, expecially for the gear

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    How about items? It seems that there are no changes if compared to standard item window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theros View Post
    How about items? It seems that there are no changes if compared to standard item window.
    It seems that I got wrong extension. Extension in the first post is not updated.

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    I am typing information to FG, but now I faced a problem (it seems that others have faced this too). How to make a table that rolls d66 (first one shows tens and the other one "ones").

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    Drag d60 and d6 to the table, should work (haven’t tested lately )
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    I just recently installed fg.
    I had gotten the ultimate subscription.

    Though when i put the files into their respected folders nothing pops up in the world, library or even when im creating the campaign.

    The only one that shows is the Calendar one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
    Drag d60 and d6 to the table, should work (haven’t tested lately )
    For some reason I am not able. Maybe there is some wrong dice extensions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theros View Post
    For some reason I am not able. Maybe there is some wrong dice extensions?
    Any ideas, as I cannot get d66 by dragging and dropping. There are only D61, d62, d63 and d69 available.

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    If I drag 2D6 and add some dices to rolls this happens ( I re-installed all extensions).dice test.jpg

    2D6 rolls happen also as D66 if I just drag and drop, I think that it is wrong?

    Also I noticed that even I roll D4, D8, or D10 FG shows that I rolled D8.
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