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    One PC has Opporunity Attack constantly on, and we can't figure out why...

    One of my PCs always has the [Opportunity] tag when making attack rolls (no matter what, whether it's a short sword or eldritch blast or whatever), which results in crit damage. It's annoying to back out, and we can't figure out why it keeps happening. I've deleted his character sheet and started a new one, but it doesn't seem to help. If I (the DM/host) try doing it with his character, it seems to work ok, but whenever he does it, opportunity attack.

    Any ideas? Does my PC have some toggle clicked somewhere?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Replied on your other thread. Holding down SHIFT while clicking the attack will force it to be an Opportunity attack. Does the player use the shift key for Push to Talk?

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    Additionally holding shift whilst doing damage forces critical damage.
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    Holy crap! I wrote the PC and he confirmed he's using shift for push to talk. Definitely think this is the solution! Thanks!

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    Ctrl, Alt, and Shift are utilized by FG and not wise for push-to-talk.
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    Unless your trying to mess with the DM!

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