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    Signal of Screams: Diaspora Strain Maps....

    Is it possible to get some higher resolution maps for this adventure? As it is, you can't zoom in on the main maps enough to tell tokens apart without everything becoming pixelated. I also noticed the map has a grid on it with really fat lines that just don't look good. Would Piazo provide better options if asked or is that crazy talk? Thanks...

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    Looking at the second screenshot in the product page shows two pretty big maps which are way too large to provide at a decent resolution for FG Classic to handle reliably. Hence why they're shown as 25 pixels per 5 foot grid square.

    To make these of a decent quality they'd need to go to at least 50 pixels per-grid-square which results in a map 4 times larger than the recommendation for FG Classic. A solution might be for the map to be divided into 4 quadrants, which would allow 50 pixels per-grid-square keeping within the FG Classic recommendations. I've done something similar for the Pathfinder Second Edition large world maps - created a low quality overview map that shows the whole area, and then provided more detailed map in sections that have pin links to the high-level overview map. It's a few extra clicks and it means you can't just use one map and zoom in-and-out as needed, but it's a good compromise between providing the whole high-level map view and a more detailed view (in sections) if needed.
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    That’s what I was thinking, divide it up to keep the size down.

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