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    Workaround hint for people needing higher condition levels, like Frightened:2 and the like. When you rename the first condition entry in the combat tracker to a higher number then FG allows you to drag & drop the :1 condition to the CT again and thus stack the effects.

    If anyone knows an easier way to handle this, I'm all ears and listening.
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    Oh, that's actually clever, Weissrolf. So you could for example apply Frightened:3 with a 1-turn duration, Frightened:2 with a 2-turn duration, and Frightened:1 with a 3 turn duration, and it would all work out correctly since they don't stack.

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    Just don't forget to give them a duration other than zero (=default). Else they never vanish automatically. Also make sure to change their initiative value to 0.1 (or 1) below the affected character's initiative count, because frightened decreases at the *end* of the turn.

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    Edit: created new thread
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    Do you have this similarly for PF2 items? Now that we are reaching level 7, I've been adding effects to some of the items but it's tedious to go back and forth to the wiki and figure out commands. I'm not trying to learn FG as a coding language

    Would you happen to have all the typically effects in one place? After this post, I only trust someone like you with this

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    Love this. So do you drag the condition onto the creature if you say, demoralize them? Onto the token, or the combat tracker. Or can you just click it and the targeted creature is effect?

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