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    Item Bulk changes after drag & drop

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    EDIT: and this one too was updated just after the errata came out months ago:
    The problem seems to be about the drag & drop operation. Today I had someone connect via FG demo (fresh installation on client, updated on server) and create a new character. Despite the Adventurer's Pack being listed as Bulk 1 it turned to Bulk 2 the moment he dragged & dropped it onto his character sheet's inventory. Furthermore the Bulk 6 Alchemist Lab was dropped as Bulk 2 only.

    I now tried the same creating a new character on my Ultimate GM Server session. The Adventurer's Pack properly dropped as Bulk 1, but the Alchemist Labs still dropped as Bulk 2 (instead of 6). Furthermore the Alchemist Tools are dropped as Bulk 2 in my test, while they were properly dropped as Bulk 1 with the demo client.

    Next I will disable all extensions and report back.

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    Disabled all extensions (kept 3rd party modules loaded, though), created new character, dragged & dropped Adventurer Pack from Item window onto character sheet. Bulk 1 turned to Bulk 2 upon dropping the item.

    Then opened the "Gear" window, deleted the first Adventurer Pack and dragged and dropped from there. Now it properly stayed at Bulk 1 and stayed there for all consecutive tries with both the Gear and Item window as source. Then tried the Alchemist Lab, still turned to Bulk 2.

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    I can recreate. Logged as CR2.070. Fix pending. Thanks for reporting.
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