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    Quote Originally Posted by feldrol View Post
    Congratulations ! Can't wait to get my hands on FG 5 with it's 100% VR experience :-)
    Building modules would be hell , having to create virtual walls and monsters. It would get really close to an online computer game

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    Celebrate good times !
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    Well done FG team and community ... to a great tool, a great community, and many more years to come! Thanks to everyone as I, for one, appreciate this tool immensely in connecting me with others, as the town i live in makes finding a game complicated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
    Not really. The original developers adopted the goofy notion that you couldn’t automate mechanics because that would somehow be a copyright violation. It wasn’t until Doug and company took over that we really got serious automation.
    The RMC ruleset's major strength is the automation?
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    You guys have done amazing work with this company and have fostered a fantastic community and here's to 10 more years and beyond!

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    Wish you all the best for the next 10 years!

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    Congrats, and well done!-)

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    Best wishes Doug, and the rest of Smiteworks. FG certainly has been one of my best RPG investments.

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    Moon Wizard (aka JPG) deserves a solid 90% of the credit for all the automation. I keep a few percentage points for harassing him to add more.

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