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    Thank you SmiteWorks, old and new!
    And thank you Doug, for this kind of valuable informations for community, and how this great project advanced forward to FGU.
    The most important rules of FG - 1.) drag player portraits onto the Combat tracker!
    2.) Drag NPCs onto the Combat Tracker! 3.) Drag icons from the Combat Tracker onto the Map!

    My timezone: Slovakia +1 GMT (CET), summer time +2 GMT (CET)
    License holder: Ultimate License
    (CEL) Central European Languages SK, CZ, PL, RU, FR - Font extension

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    Congrats and Thank You!. Looking forward to many, many more years of gaming with FG.

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    Congrats Doug! Very few entrepreneurs make 10 years. As you know, it takes more than just a good product, a good team, and a good philosophy, it takes them all.

    I'm glad to be a small part of your success. You and John have created not only a product, but a community that I am glad to be a part of. And you continue to grow it with the people, the philosophy and the direction that promises a winning future. I'm looking forward to being a part of the next 10 years.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    Congratulations! I think your openness and the willingness to let the boards discuss anything within the realm of decency is remarkable. I can only remember one person getting ejected in all the time I have been here. (And they well deserved it)

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    Congratulations and here's to many more!

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    The amazing community here is one of the reasons Doug was able to convince me to join him in the reboot we started 10 years ago. It's the longest I've ever worked on a single project, and it still keeps be engaged every day.


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    Good Day All
    Congratulations to you and your whole amazing team, and that includes the Moderators here on the boards!
    I am fairly new to VTT's, a friend got me started here and I am so glad he did. The community you all have fostered here is nothing short of amazing, welcoming and helpful.

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    Congrats on the first 10 years!
    Ultimate License. Running 2 5e campaigns. Asks lots of questions. PureVPN is a tested solution to run games when traveling.

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    Congratulation on the 10 years anniversary!
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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