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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxilon View Post
    You look like you're in pretty good shape but as far as I know ronnke hasn't rolled out the GURPS ruleset updated to take advantage of the new stuff yet.
    Ah, ok. Good to know. I'll proceed with my item generation, thanks again.

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    Sounds good.

    And for the record, so everyone can be patient, remember that ronnke has to go over everything I've turned over to him, make sure all the files are in order PLUS merge it with anything else he may have already been working on. And that's all if there no issues whatsoever. So, that's a bit of extra load he has to manage.

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    Thanks for staying on top of these issues, guys. Thanks also for being respectful of ronnke's limited time.

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    I've updated the mod maker to work with FGU. It still works with FG classic so no worries there. Only minor tweaks to the xml were needed so far.

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    In view of the (hopefully imminent) GURPS ruleset update I wanted to remind folks that if you would like to have items that drag & drop and that can be used to create Parcels for party loot, the Mod Maker app will do the job.

    It works because there are additional fields on the items data that need to be populated and the mod maker does this for you.

    At some point in the future I would love to have the ability to create items within FG itself however that will require UI screen modifications to make those fields available for edit. Some one of us will get to that at some point. "Some one of us" being one of our community with the time to work for FREE and willingness to dig into details of window creation in FG. If nobody beats me to it then at some point, maybe, I'll be that "some one of us". (Just being realistic when I say it's not currently high on my list).

    Just be aware that if you are not using items created with ALL the fields then your dragging and dropping will lack the FULL functionality.

    Unfortunately, until you actually have the new ruleset to work with, you can't really see what I'm talking about.

    For example, if you delete an item from your inventory it should delete from your combat tabs. If you un-equip an item it will be hidden from your combat tabs. When you drag an item from one character to another it will recalculate the stats for the new character when appropriate. It does this for items like Knives and Javelins. Obviously, a bow built for a strength 15 character will still be a Strength 15 bow! Changing hands doesn't change the characteristics of the item. A Strength 8 Short-bow dropped by a weakling isn't going to ever be more than a ST 8 Short-bow, even if you are Hercules.

    I also want make clear /importchar characters will NOT have items with the required details for all this. I have not messed with the character import script for FG but until it builds Items with all fields required these items won't have full functionality.

    For myself, what I do is replace character items via dragging them from Items within FG to the character Inventory sheet. I then delete the items that were imported with the character. Mind, you have to manually delete the Combat tab entries so it may be easier to delete everything first then drag the replacements to the Inventory sheet and Equip them.

    I know that is a small hassle but once done you don't have to do it again.

    If you have the time you might import the characters and then have them go shopping inside Fantasy Grounds. That way you wouldn't have to deal with deleting stuff.

    Another alternative is you could just go with it and as items are looted or purchased within FG using your fully populated Items the characters will be updated gradually.

    I hope that's not convoluted. I figured it better to just say all this ahead of time so you can be ready to go when the new ruleset is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxilon View Post
    ... I figured it better to just say all this ahead of time so you can be ready to go when the new ruleset is available.
    Thanks for all your hard work! This is truly something that has been needed for some time.

    One question however. Given that it does take a bit of time to create all these items tables ... What are your thoughts on whether it would need to be redone in FGU?

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    I did make a modification for FGU but it was only xml tag code. Based on my limited testing the same output file works with both FG Classic and FGU.

    As far as I can tell you shouldn't have to redo anything for FGU. Could that change? Sure since that's the nature of software but so far I think we are good.

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    The Mod Maker was updated and with the newly released ruleset you can can now actually get the full functionality of drag and drop items.

    In addition to creating items from scratch you can import items from GURPS character assistant (this has been the case for a while).

    A new item that has been added is you can now import items from GURPS Character SHEET as well.

    All the output from these various methods can be used to generate a .mod file that you can then open in Fantasy grounds so you have lots of items to drag and drop to characters, parcels and NPCs.

    Download the latest edition from the link in the primary post on this thread.

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    Who's awesome? *You're awesome* Thanks for this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMookNet View Post
    Who's awesome? *You're awesome* Thanks for this!
    Thanks for the kind word.

    I updated again with a minor bug fix where some items where creating a leading space in the damages fields which caused issues with parsing in FG. We're talking items like Backsword & Combat fan but still, better to fix em as they come. Use version

    Best regards!

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