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    I spent some time on this today and made some progress.

    Unfortunately, it is still going to require more time. There are some things that are being done differently and I'll have to untangle them before everything is going to work.

    Please be patient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxilon View Post
    Please be patient.
    Patience is our middle name! Just letting you know that I am still interested!

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    I too am interested. Thanks for your persistence! Really appreciate your work.

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    So, does anyone use an Atlatl? Has anyone noticed the way it works in GCA5 is different than it was in GCA4?

    GCA4 (notice "Atlatl W:"):
    GCA4 Atlatl.png

    GCA5 (notice no Atlatl shown):
    GCA5 Atlatl.png

    Basically, an Atlatl is now Equipment rather than a weapon. Thus, once built into the .mod file and loaded within FGU it does not work the same.

    Images explain this better.
    GCA4 Atlatl equipped in inventory results in this on the Ranged weapon tab:
    GCA4 Ranged Atlatl.png

    GCA5 Atlatl does not show up at all because once again, it is only considered equipment. However, if you have Atlatl Darts or Javelins, now it gets interesting.\
    Javelins and Atlatl Darts.png

    So a Javelin is different in GCA4 verses GCA5. In GCA5 the ammunition item (at least in this case) carries the information pertaining to the Atlatl "Mode". Atlatl Darts however, are the same in either version because they can only be used with an Atlatl which I guess goes without saying.

    What this means is in GCA5 if you purchase an Atlatl it won't show up as a ranged weapon.
    Also, it means that if you buy a Javelin, it would show the possible "Mode" of being used with an Atlatl, even if you don't own one!

    In GCA4 you would only see the option of using a Javelin with an Atlatl IF and ONLY IF you owned and equipped an Atlatl.

    While I'm sure most people are probably not using an Atlatl, I can't help but think there must be other items that could have a similar result.

    Is this a bug with the Atlatl in GCA5 or is this how it should be?

    I've been chewing on what to do about this but it'll take some extra effort to make this work like it did when we were using GCA4 and I'm not sure it's worth it. What do you guys think?

    edit: Well, I wanted the images to show in the thread but they seem to open individually for me so hopefully ya'll can figure it out.

    edit2: Stupid me, did an update and smoked my exporter. Rebuilding...better...faster..stro..
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