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    Kid friendly Adventure Paths or Society Adventures

    I'm looking at running a game for a first-time game for a group of kids ranging from 8 to 11. Are there any kid friendly Adventure Paths or Society Adventures that you guys would recommend. The only AP that I've run is Rise of the Runelords and while it's a great AP for adults, not so much for kids I think. I'm looking for something official and published that I can give their parents ahead of time so the parents know exactly what's going on. Any insight you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately I don't have too much hands-on experience with PF1.

    Some resources that might help though:

    APs: here and here.

    Modules: here

    Some general advice here.

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    PFS scenarios are, in general, kept somewhat kid friendly, because they are designed to be run for any kinds of players. Reading the short description on the Paizo product page should also give you some idea on whether the scenario touches any subject you want to avoid.
    If you name a few scenarios you find interesting, as well as some specific things to be avoided, I (or any other player who has played a lot PFS scenarios) can surely tell you if those things are touched in your chosen scenarios. (There are so many scenarios, it's hard to just give a general yes or no to non-specific questions of kid-friendliness.)

    For modules and Adventure Paths, it's about the same.
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    May be if you have or can find a copy use the the Starter Set and some of the official and unofficial adventures produced for it. AAW do a few good ones. These are all kiddy friendly and the rules are easier for kids to learn. I run a game at my local library for kids in a similar age range and its great fun though I'm using a set of rules called Black Hack which are considerably simpler

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    If you want to play PFS1, run 5-08: The Confirmation and use level 1 pregens. It's fairly tame with monster-focused violence, puzzles, interesting RP, and is designed as an introduction. If you want PFS2, run #1-01: The Absalom Initiation with pregens. Either of these will introduce new players to PFS. Alternately, you could run one of the low-level quests where the advantage would be very short, complete games vs. younger attention span issues. Don't get into APs at the start. And, if there are a lot of content and thematic limits or concerns from the parents, then you can always run the game as non-society so that you can modify the encounters in any way necessary to keep the game very kid-friendly. For example, blood, gore, murder, violence against (usually evil) humans, scary themes, demons/devils, etc. are all part of the game. So, if any of those things is a problem or will give the kids nightmares, you will have trouble avoiding them over time (but not at the very beginning). However, some of those things can obviously be mitigated by GMing style and choices. Good luck!
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