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    Spacecraft Combat Tracker: How To

    Got ya! You thought I was going to post a how-to-use the Spacecraft Combat Tracker right?

    Sorry I'm dense, I'm starting this thread so we can teach each other (most specifically me) how to use it ;-)

    So far i have been able to add Spacecraft from the Spacecraft list and PC Spacecraft from the PC Spacecraft list.

    I can see how the gm can step through the various combat phases (maneuver, attack, actions).

    However I cannot figure out how to:

    1). assign crew/ pcs/ npcs
    2). maneuver
    3). attack
    4). how to reset the combat rounds to "0"

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    Hi adzling, I'll do some testing and write up how some of those things work and repost later here today. Some of these features are currently still being developed and not yet live. But I will try to capture the essence of Spaceship Combat in its current iteration.

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    sounds good greg glad to have you helping mbm

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    To reset the Init to back to one, you on Menu (which is on the bottom of the window). Go to Init than Clear Init. That'll reset it back to 1.

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    Okay I did a quick dry run and here is what I have found to be functional:

    Current Functionality
    -Players can create their own PC Spacecraft. Weapons can be dragged and dropped to the PC Spacecraft's record and utilize the records action function to roll to hit and roll for damage.
    -The Referee has to target NPC Spacecraft for the players on the Spacecraft Combat Tracker.
    -The Gunner will have to calculate their to-hit modifier based on crew's actions and personal skills then manually enter it in the modifier box.
    -The Gunner can then use the ship's weapons for actions from the PC Spacecraft record sheet; to hit and damage.
    -The Spacecraft Combat Tracker round can only be reset by clicking in the round box and typing 0 or 1.

    Not Ready/In Developement
    -PC sheets/tokens cannot be dragged dropped to the PC Spacecraft record to assign stations.
    -Cargo cannot be added to the PC Spacecrafts cargo hold.
    -Players have very limited functionality utilizing the Spacecraft Combat Tracker.
    -PC Spacecraft attack actions must come from the PC Spacecraft Actions tab. The SCT does not link actions.

    Please ask for more specifics/examples of what currently can/cannot be done, or you would like me to test, in FG and I will update this post as we go.
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    thanks for the tips & summary will try to emulate

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