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Thread: MGT2 v1.1.4

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    MGT2 v1.1.4

    Hi Folks,

    Now that MGT2 v1.1.3 is finished and soon to be off over to FG and available in test next week (23rd June), so hot on the heels comes v1.1.4. Like the previous 5 updates, it's in the v1.1.X release cycle so all about Central Supply Catalogue which I hope those of you who bought it, are enjoying the mass of gear you can have on your Travellers!

    Not everything made v1.1.3 and so here's what was missed off (spent the time getting some bugs fixed rather than doing this).

    • [Fixed] NPCs with Hits. When added to the CT these will now show the Hits correctly
    • [Fixed] NPCs rolling Characteristics. The correct NPC will now show
    • [Fixed] Rolling Characteristics. Boon and Bane now roll correctly
    • [Added] Weapon Traits. Support for the 'One Use' trait will be added to the ruleset
    • [Updated] Spacecraft. I noticed during High Guard conversion that some ships have more than one Jump Drive and need other Power Requirements. This section will work as per the 'Detail section' allowing those to be added as required
    • [Updated] Fonts. I've reduced the number of fonts, as we going forward to help with localisation the ruleset will use more of the CoreRPG fonts by default
    • [Updated] Worlds. I've renamed these to 'Systems' and added a System field to each world
    • [Updated] Encumbrance. I've updated how MGT2E ruleset to work with the updated MGT2E Encumbrance (see Page 92 of the Core Rulebook)
    • [Updated] Stat Modifiers. Skill rolls, Action rolls now use the Modifier from the Stat shown in the Action Tab, this means injuries now affect rolls

    With version 1.1.4, I'll also start to make available the standalone extensions for Spacecraft Combat.

    As always, comments below on what you'd like to see in this update, note it's the last bi-weekly update before I start to work heavily on the PC Spacecraft and CT, that said v1.1.5 will still be worked on but will have a 4-week cycle.

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    Honestly, when you continue like this, MBM, the ruleset will soon cook coffee and vacuum the house for us

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    I agree

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    I am counting on MBM Traveller Fantasy Ground Ruleset to invent the Jump Drive and organize the
    mission to Barnards Star...


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    Afternoon Folks,

    Fixed a few more bits today. this version should go live at the end of the month.


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    Thanks MBM!
    I'm starting my first game of Traveller tonight and first time using FGU. Been looking forward to it and working my tail off to prep.
    Thank you for all your hard work, my group and I appreciate it!

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    Morning All,

    A bug has been reported with Encumbrance, so I've had a quick check and it's been updated in MGT2E and so I'll update it.

    [Updated] Encumbrance. I've updated how MGT2E ruleset to work with the updated MGT2E Encumbrance (see Page 92 of the Core Rulebook)


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    Evening All,

    I'm writing this on my new PC. I didn't really need a new PC but I love to build them, it's nothing special, slightly bigger case (gone back to mATX mobo over ITX), oddles more space (3TB vs 1TB) - dual boots Ubuntu and Windows 10. Ubuntu for coding, Windows for Photoshop/Gaming (until I can get Photoshop working in Ubuntu properly).

    So the week coming will see me finish up 1.1.4 and then release the Spacecraft CT extensions, work in August will focus purely on the Spacecraft stuff. I shall also be working on CoC's Masks of Nyarlathotep as I want to run that starting September and get it released soon after.

    There's been a slew of new Traveller books released, and we still have Reach 6, Behind the Claw and High Guard to come. I'd love to have a 'working' Spacecraft CT in time for High Guard release.


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    Afternoon All,

    I've decided that I'll stop working on 1.1.4 from this weekend. I've got a few bits left to address, but I've been putting a lot of time into the Spacecraft Combat Tracker and need 1.1.4 to support a few parts of it.

    I'll fix any reported bugs as well as those already noted in the first post.


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