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    FAQ's for MGT2/MGT1

    Hi All,

    This thread will show questions and answers for both current Traveller rulesets, MGT2 and MGT1. **This is a work in progress, it will be built up over time**

    Q: For a new weapon in MGT2, what's the type to enter and what sub-types are supported?
    A: If you wish to a new weapon, enter Weapons in the Type field. Upon leaving the Type field the fields will change. The currrent sub-types are Melee Weapons and Grenades - every other Weapon is treated as a Ranged Weapon.

    Q: When we create our characters and then first enter combat, we're insta-killed because our 'Current Values' (shown on the actions tab) are all at 0.
    A: When characters are made the current values are not adjusted. This is because there's no link and the reason for this, if your End during a game is reduced by 1 point (semi-perm for example) and your End current value was on 3, should that become 2? And what if it was on 0? There's a little button attached to each Current Value, click that and it resets it to Max.

    Q: How can I use the UWP to create the World Data for a world
    A: Up-to version 1.0.3. the UWP is based on the MGT1 format: 0407 D000300-9 S As Lo Va G this equates to HexCode Physical Stats Base Codes Trade Codes Travel Code
    A: From version 1.0.3 the parser was re-written and supports the MGT1 format with/without the Hex Code.

    Q: What are the Weapon Damage Types?
    A: At the moment these are the currently supported, note that they don't do anything special yet, once effects are in place damage such as ongoing fire/radiation etc could be automated
    • kinetic
    • laser
    • psionic
    • radiation
    • energy
    • plasma
    • stun
    • fire
    • corrosive
    • ap*
    • sap*
    • super-a*

    * for 2300AD (Mongoose edition 1)

    Q: My character has a low END and in 1E there is a side rule that allowed a different physical stat to be used.
    A: New options have been added to allow each character to specify what order damage it taken off of END/STR/STA and what order they are healed as well. Whilst this isn't canon it's a fitting house rule. The Companion book (Book 5) introduces the idea of random damage

    Q: I've been creating my own equipment, but I'm unsure what the RecordType field should contain.
    A: Here's a list of them all, note 10+ are purely for Central Supply Catalogue (though you don't need that Module to create the data)

    0 - Armour
    1 - Augments
    2 - Electronics, communications
    3 - Computers
    4 - Medical Supplies
    5 - Robots and drones
    6 - Sensors
    7 - Survival Gear
    8 - Toolkits
    9 - Weapons
    10 - Unused atm, was to be used for Heavy Weapons
    11 - Ammunition
    12 - Sighting aids

    Q: In the Combat Tracker, what's the iMod field for?
    This allows you to add any Initiative Modifiers, which don't change the Init Result, but modify the position in the Init order.
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    I was helping my roommate with some equipment he wanted to add and had to go digging deep into the forums to find the damage type list so I thought I'd drop it here in case anyone else was looking.

    Damage Types available:


    And for 2300 (part of 1E ruleset though as 2300 was built on 1E)


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