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    ok, i'll take a good look at those and fix'em

    EDIT #1: Dominate was one of the few that i may have overlooked, looks like i started it and got off tracked with something else

    Veil: The skill bonus is for Deception and the Level Bonus is only for untrained characters.
    EDIT #2: "VEIL": It allows the target to ignore any circumstance penalties they might take for being disguised as dissimilar creatures, and it gives the targets a +4 status bonus to Deception checks to prevent others from seeing through their disguises, and add their level even if untrained.

    EDIT #3: The way I've interpreted it that the bonus is there for everyone, even the "Untrained" with the Deception Skill gets all those bonuses too.

    EDIT #4: "Veil" was missing some tags, added them in
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    Update #4: <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did some more Fixes

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    Update #5: <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did more clean ups and minor fixes of 1st-5th level

    EDIT #1: Will do the rest down the road.

    EDIT #2: Let me know if i have missed anything within those spell levels of 1st - 5th.
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    Update #6: <PFRPG2 Age of Ashes - AP3 Spell Effects> & <PFRPG2 Lost Omens Spell Effects> has been cleaned up, "Warrior's Transformation" been corrected to the form's proper level.

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