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    Looking for a game

    Hello all like the title says Iíve been playing rpg games for almost 30 years. Mostly D&D would love to join a GURPS game. Been using fg for D&D quite some time now so no learning curve. Played the original GURPS like 20 years ago and would love to give any flavor a shot

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    Coming up (maybe a month or so), our group will be running a series of one shot adventures which we open up to people outside our usual players. You are welcome to jump in on those.
    Timezone: Australian EST (GMT +10).
    Systems/Rulesets: GURPS 4th Edition.
    Campaigns (Ultimate License Holder)
    GURPS Traveller - The Empty Peace
    GURPS Shadowrun - Power Plays
    GURPS Banestorm - Dark Clouds Rising

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    + Me!

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    I am interested in playing GURPS. I like:
    Martial Arts

    I can play Wednesdays and Thursdays any time 5 pm Pacific or later, Saturdays 6 pm Pacific or later, Sundays 7 pm Pacific or later.

    If you're running a game, please email me at [email protected]

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