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    Dragondrop aka Drag-n-Drop functionality

    If you are like me you have probably been hopeful that we would one day get some drag and drop functionality for items in our beloved GURPS ruleset.

    If you are like me you might have been envious of some of the other what you might call "full blown" rulesets.

    So, I present to you a sneak peek at what I have been working on.

    FYI, I am running this all through ronnke to update our ruleset and if everything tests out you could have this ability in your hands soon.


    Happy gaming!


    PS. I want to express my appreciation for ronnke and Saithan for helping me out when I was getting lost in the concepts for LUA and Fantasy Grounds. Also, I must not fail to mention Moon Wizard for helping me grasp an important concept behind how FG works. In the end, I hope we can all get to what we enjoy doing which is making stories to share.
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    Wow, this will be great!

    Extra thanks because I see that you are using low tech instant armor for the armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
    Wow, this will be great!

    Extra thanks because I see that you are using low tech instant armor for the armor.
    Well, I found that the low tech stuff was the most intense as far as calculations. The only thing I'm not really showing in the video is some of the High Tech guns that have things like say a grenade launcher and/or a scope that adds to their rolls. They do work and the scope type items create a "+" modifier like this:


    edit: I may have missed your point, lol. In truth I just selected the first armor that was near my mouse as I was creating the video. What I meant about intense calculation is that the low tech stuff tends to be more dependent on muscle power and therefore has more involved calculations. Unlike a gun say that could be fired by an 8 year old and would do the same damage as anyone else so long as it strikes the target.
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    Hi, this looks great.

    Thanks for the update.
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    See this thread to start making .mod files for fantasy grounds that have drag-n-drop items inside Fantasy Grounds for the GURPS ruleset.

    Obviously if you are earlier than the new ruleset update for this you will have limited success but at least you will be ready.

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