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    I agree that for digital only products the price is out of most people's range - something I wouldn't pay for unless I really needed a specific map in FG quickly. That's why I was asking if people would really pay the price set by Paizo for a couple of maps.

    Take a look at these: With the exception of the playtest flip-mats, are you willing to pay that price for the maps that you get? (There'll be the usual PDF included or price reduction if already purchased).
    Them you also have to consider Unitys asset ability to build maps. Would it decrease any sales if people could build them themselves inside unity.

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    the paizo multipak maps you have give only two or four maps, not worth it....The official D&D artist (Mike Schley) is selling his D&D map packs averaging a buck a map, and they are his superhirez originals that you can resize for your needs (printing offline, playing online, etc). One of these days I am going to try to load his doomvault map into FG.

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