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    No it is to be Telempathy. It is uses psionics to alter emptions so the is Telepatic empathy = Telempathy.
    ok maybe I am missing something but ...
    When i click PSI Abilities There is Clarivoyance, Telekinesis, and Teleportation. These can all be dragged to the PSI Talents under the skills tab.

    What is not listed in the PSI Abilities is Awareness and Telepathy What am I doing wrong?

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    There is no Psionic abilities called Telepathy or Awareness those are the names of a related group of abilities. There are Psionic abilities called Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance (Those are also the names of the Related group of abilities). If you notice the Psionics tab is called "Psionic Abilities", Not "Psionic Groups" of "Psionic Skills"

    When you drag Telempathy to your sheet it adds an action to the action tab for all of the abilities under Telepathy and it adds Telepathy to the skills page. (Telepathy is the name of the related group of Psionic abilities).
    If you drag Enhanced Strength to your sheet it adds all the abilities available to Awareness to the action tab and adds Awareness to the Skills page.
    Dragging Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance also adds the related Psionic abilities to the actions tab.

    Does that help.
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