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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Hi John,

    On the player who wants to roll for the Tactics you should find in the Actions Tab this exact action, if you roll it there it should updated the Initiative Mods.

    iirc, I did use the the action tab tactics button and thats what brought up “Initiative Modifier of 4 applied to all friendly combatants” in the chat. If I were to roll it from the skills tab I doubt that would appear.

    Admittedly I only tested with myself rolling init after tactics, I will check again next game and have other characters roll init as well.


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    Hi MBM, and it did not apply

    I just did a test. I clicked on Tactics on the Action tab, used a +4 modifier to get a high result to make it obvious, got an effect of 6, then myself and 2 others rolled initiative and it did not apply the +6 modifier automatically.



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    From what I have observed, the Tactics action applies to the initiatives when it is rolled, not to future initiatives. Try rolling for initiative, then rolling the Tactics action.

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    Hmm, okay, I will give that a shot. Though intuitively I would have expected tactics to be needed to be rolled first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Interesting, I'll see what's up with it when I open up the code later in the week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mallorylover23 View Post
    Characteristic augments are modifying the characteristic DM directly rather than increasing the characteristic base value when equipping an augment. I was noticing that the value wasn't being increased even when the augment was equipped and figured I just needed to increase it manually, which I did. From a 7 to an 8, which should not affect the DM. but when I put the PC into the Party sheet, the DM was a +1 while the value was still being listed as an 8. as soon as i unequipped the augment, the DM went back down to 0.
    Any update on how the Augmentations are currently working, or not?

    I've been playing around with them today and it seems that the Characteristic Augments add a + to the linked Characteristic in the Characteristic Status block within the Actions Tab of the PC Sheet, but does not add that + to the Characteristic in the Main Tab. I like that, since it helps keep track of the PCs base Characteristics.

    I am noticing that there doesn't seem to be any automation for the Skill Augment. So if I pull a Skill Augment into the PC's equipment, it's just listed as "Skill Augmentation (TL 12). For now, I've been editing that entry to be, for instance; "Skill Augmentation (TL 12) Athletics (dexterity) +1 and then manually entering the +1 into the "Mod" column of the Athletics (dexterity) Skill, in the Skill tab.

    Also, any plans to linking a lighting effect to the Enhanced Vision (TL 13) Item, so we don't need to manually add a light effect to the token associated with the character?

    Also noting that these Augmentation items only work in the PC sheets. There doesn't seem functionality with NPCs. I have no need to actually add to NPCs per se, just noting it for others. If I've got a modded NPC, say a Cyborg of some kind, I'd just manually increase their Characteristics and add in their notes tab what is Augmented.

    Your work on this ruleset is nothing short of stupendous, by the way. Please keep it up.

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