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    adding images to craft & spacecraft

    So I have entered the data for a few custom vehicles into our campaign in the craft and spacecraft sections.

    Is there a way to add vehicle images into the same record?

    I have the images available in my fantasygrounds campaign in the assets section however there does not seem to be a place to add them to the craft or spacecraft records directly.

    Any ideas?


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    Under Spacecraft their is a Notes tab. I believe you can drag and drop to that page.. Not sure about vehicles though as it has no notes section.

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    thanks bsycamore but that does not seem to work.

    in fact i cannot edit the notes section i added due to some bug.

    see attached console log mbm!

    Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 12.13.12 PM.png
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    I'm not even going to pretend to understand the error. Thats a job for MBM :-)

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    Spacecraft have a notes section, I need more info on that error, it appears as if some data is missing.

    The notes section allow formatting, ie links/bold/italics etc.

    Vehicles have a notes section at the bottom, where again as it's notes, it allows links/bold/italics.


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    Yeah, I can add notes and images to Craft as well as Spacecraft.

    The Corerule book Craft are locked and their images are not in their notes (ATV for example). The images are in the Images list. Will the Images be added to the notes ?

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    how are you adding images to spacecraft and craft byscamore?

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    I am dragging the TAS Icon (Circled) to the two places show with Arrows.


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    Happy to show you. I'm on Discord. More than happy to share my desktop and walk you through it.

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    thanks that worked for crafts, not working for spacecraft for me but that's likely related to the error i am encountering where i cannot edit the notes field of the spacecraft i created.

    gotta say FGU's interface is rather inobvious and inconsistent, especially around how images are handled and manipulated.

    its feels like a GUI from the early aughts where doing the same thing (adding an image) is handled differently across the app for no good reason.

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