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    I would like to report a possible bug:
    I have a set of modifiers I created in the Modifiers panel that makes quick use of Chain Effect mods and Ship range mods. When using these with the character's Ships tab it produces and error.
    And as a matter of simplicity if I use the bottom most left modifier box on a character firing ships weapons from their character sheet it gets the same error:

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "campaign/scripts/spacecraft_weapons.lua"]:26: attempt to concatenate local 'sDesc' (a nil value)

    Purpose of me using this is to quickly enable a PC player to add the proper mods (chain/range) during battle.

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    I just pushed a hot fix for this issue to the patch system. Please run a new Check for Updates, and try again.


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    Edit: Fixed the image.
    I am getting the following error. We got it when we added armor and clothes. We can't figure out which value is nil, though I figure if a value is nil that it should really be 0.

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    If you can post the full logs next time, it would help to ensure we get the full error message, and any other error messages from the logs. Just press the Compile Logs button in the console section, and it will build a zip file of the logs to send/post.

    I've been helping to cover a bit for MadBeardMan, and I think I've pushed a hot fix update that should address that issue. Please run a new Check for Updates from the FG launch screen, and try again.


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    I'll note that for the next error(s).
    Your latest push has fixed/removed the error.

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    Text encoding issues in the module High and Dry

    See thread:

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    Text encoding issues in Spinward Marches 1 - The Bowman Arm

    Error in NPC Name

    Alderson's Coastal Hunter The apostrophe is a square... Pic attached


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    I am having issues and not sure how to TS.

    This occurs with NPC's from modules, and with ones I create.

    I have no extensions loaded.

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    Ok, I just pushed encoding fixes for "High and Dry" and "Spinward Marches 1". Please run a new Check for Updates and grab the latest version.


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