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    Oh yeah, you said. I forgot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoohPuss View Post
    I've had several reported PFS2 games, so It's definitely possible.
    In general yes, but Paizo is known for having technical difficulties sometimes - such as now with PF2 reporting.

    Quote Originally Posted by PoohPuss View Post
    However, could you send us a copy of our chronicle sheets before reporting them, so we can point out any errors?
    Only basic information gets reported to Paizo, so most things should be correct - and unless OSP is used (not an option for PF2), it's pretty easy to correct.

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    If there is ever any corrections that need to be made to an OSP report by the GM they can just reply to the confirmation email with it and we'll get it sorted ASAP. If a player sees a mistake and wants it fixed they can contact myself or one of the other Online VLs/VCs and we all have access to get things sorted!

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