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    Congratulations to both.

    And can I also say: I think focusing on rulesets rather than modules is absolutely the right strategy to follow. 5E and D&D classics aside, the functionality & automation is what is lacking in FG right now, not the module content. This will hopefully address that need.

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    Congratulations from my side as well. I wish one of your first projects is WFRP4 :-).

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    Congrats and I second the wfrp 4.

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    Good news, congratulate SmiteWorks great decisions.
    The most important rules of FG - 1.) drag player portraits onto the Combat tracker!
    2.) Drag NPCs onto the Combat Tracker! 3.) Drag icons from the Combat Tracker onto the Map!

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!
    I am still getting settled in and very excited to get started.

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    Welcome, Wraith!

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    Hola Hollis!

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