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    Gifting is now enabled on the Fantasy Grounds Store

    I believe I have this all working out smoothly now.

    In order to gift a purchase to someone, you can follow these steps:
    1. Complete the purchase under your user account
    2. Go to your Store > Order History page and click the Gift Order button next to an order that qualifies
    3. Enter a valid username and click Confirm Gift

    An email will be sent to the gift recipient letting them know that you sent them a gift. The order will disappear from your account and will be transferred to the new user.

    Some qualifications:
    1. Orders must be 7 days old or newer to qualify as a gift
    2. Gifting will only work once for any given order. Once gifted, it can't be gifted again. No re-gifting.

    The system should prevent you from sending it to a bad username. Many usernames are very similar, however, so please double-check that you have the right recipient before sending the gift.

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    Sounds good - can the system do "gift cards" or is it only (at this stage) products?

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    No gift cards at this time.

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    Well done Doug, gifting comes up now and again on Discord so good to know there's an option.
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    This is an AWESOME idea!!! Great Work!!!
    Question, How old of a product can be gifted? Does using the product yourself first negate the ability to gift it? Even if its just to open it and check out what the module contains?
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    The order has to be less than 7 days old to be gifted, and we are not enforcing whether the order is reviewed prior to gifting at this time.


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    that's awesome!!! thank you!!!
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    I have a number of items already purchased via steam for 5e D&D. Things like the Classes, DMG and Monsters. I was thinking of completing the bundle and gifting the duplicates to a friend to get them started with the software. Is this allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warderbrad View Post
    I was thinking of completing the bundle and gifting the duplicates to a friend to get them started with the software.
    If you complete the bundle it will take into account products you already have and not give you duplicates.
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    Since I have purchased items on Steam and some on the Store here there is no one place that has a complete list. If I were to purchase it on the Store here the items I listed would be the duplicates. I know it is possible to get customer service to modify the bundle to reflect both, but if I accepted the duplicates could they be gifted?

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