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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    Just tested and confirmed that issue.

    Here's my assumption:
    When you drag an effect out of the actions tab, onSpellAction checks for your caster level bonus. Because it's now been used, it expires.
    If correct, this means you need a method of parsing effects that doesn't remove effects that have expired.
    I have done this in Live Hitpoints and some other extensions: https://github.com/bmos/FG-PFRPG-Liv...ect_35E_DS.lua Since you alread overwrite getEffectsBonus, maybe just add a boolean argument after rEffectSpell that bypasses expiry?
    Thanks for the investigation Oki, I will add that once I have finished my current research project Sounds easy to do, and it makes a lot of sense what you are describing

    I appreciate your help (as always )

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    Quote Originally Posted by timberbeast View Post
    I'm having trouble adding the CL or DC effect when using IFT. For instance, the effect CL: 2; DC: 2 works fine by itself, as does IFTAG: spell; CL: 2; DC: 2, but when I try IFT:TYPE(outsider); CL: 2; DC: 2 - it doesn't add the increases to CL or DC. I've also tried IFT: TYPE(outsider); IFTAG: spell; DC: 2; CL: 2 as well as IFTAG: spell; IFT: TYPE(outsider); DC: 2; CL: 2. This is the only extension that I'm using.

    This is for a 3.5e campaign.

    Anyone have any ideas...or is it not supposed to work with IFT?
    Indeed, it is not supposed to work with IFT, because both, CL and DC, are not targetable effects

    If you look at the effects' wiki, or at the forge description of my extension, then only the effects with a (T) in their description will work with IFT

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