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    Kelrugem's extensions

    The forge is now my main source of descriptions; the following descriptions and download links are for FG classic users https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/crafter/2/view-profile

    If you are a dev and want to contribute to our code, then see my Github profile: https://github.com/Kelrugem


    After a request, this is a summary of my extension. I hope that this thread is not annoying, I try to keep it "minimalistic". I will push this thread every time when there is an update of one of the extensions. When you subscribe this thread you get an email notification about that I am not sure when I will add more extensions since I only do this in my free time (lot to do right now ), but you can write here your requests of features and I will see if I am able to do it at some point (though I am not a coder, I learned a lot of coding by writing these extensions. So do not expect too much ). In the third post is also a pdf summarising all my coded effects, same style as in the official effects wiki

    My extensions:
    1. Advanced 3.5e/PF1 (called advanced effects sometimes), part of full overlay packages: See full summary in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...finder-effects

    • Effects for fortification, half resistance, ghost touch, variable concealment (VCONC), keen (code from darrenan for keen). Also TDMG for damage effects against incoming attacks as in fire shield
    • The "Remove on Miss" option now respects rolls for miss chances.
    • Changed order of damage effects, according to FAQ of WotC: "Apply order such that damage is minimised". Exception for Pathfinder which is respected in my extension
    • Fixed rounding errors in vulnerability.
    • Solved several stacking problems, e.g. for DR and RESIST (the latter had problems when using more uncommon damage types or in combinations with resistance against all). In general these effects have now a more generalized code in the background to cover more uncommon and exotic situations and not just the ones in the core rules. Allows then also more customisation and homebrew.
    • Added the damage type bleed. With that you can now code bleed damage: It overcomes DR and is similar to such special damage types like critical, i.e. wearing an axe with DMGTYPE: bleed will result into damage types slashing and bleed, not only bleed
    • The drag&drop into the nonlethal box in the character sheet didn't respect resistances versus nonlethal damage type (in the native FG code). I now added this
    • ACCC effect
    • TVCONC effect which treats the target as having the corresponding VCONC effect
    • Bypass damage types

    2. Save versus tags, part of full overlay packages: See full summary in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ve-versus-tags

    • Adds a new operator, IFTAG. With that you can add tags to specific effects to allow triggering effects only when these tags are met, e.g. save boni only versus spells (and the bonus will not be applied against something else) and spell resistance against necromancy spells are possible. Comes with automatic parsing for traits/tags but you can also use your own tags.
    • Adds effects for DC, CL, SR and spell/action immunity, all can be combined with IFTAG as for SAVE.
    • All effects used activated by actions can be combined with IFTAG.
    • Effects for advantage and disadvantage for every roll
    • (Improved) evasion will now be ignored when the PC or NPC has one of the following conditions as an effect: helpless, paralyzed, sleeping, unconscious, petrified, bound
    • The PC tags for attributes in effects ([STR], ...) now also respect effects such that you get the correct total modifier of your PC and not just the one in the PC sheet. Does not hold for the remaining ones as [BAB], [LVL] and [CL], simply because there are no direct effects for them.
    • Dice support for effects (only as random tables, so not "real randomness") such that effects for ability damages are e.g. fully automated (sort of ). E.g. STR: [2d6] which gets parsed in the CT with some random number given by the 2d6
    • There are now negated versions for IF, IFT and IFTAG: NIF, NIFT and NIFTAG, respectively. W.r.t. coding they work exactly as the ones with the N but the remainder of the effect is ignored when the conditions are met. This means that you can now e.g. code true seeing: Give the person who has true seeing e.g. the effect true (or anything else) and then the invisible persons get NIFT: CUSTOM(true); invisible (Negated means here for example: NIFT is always been applied, also without target, except when there is a target which satisfies the conditions)
    • For the previous point: invisible, CA and GRANTCA now also work with IFT (and so also with NIFT). This was not possible before, the (T) did not imply that (so an exception in the wiki), it was only targetable. This means that you can combine them with IFT as in IFT: CUSTOM(test); GRANTCA. (IFT: invisible; [...] etc. should have been possible already before)
    • The spell save view window is now a bit increased such that one can see the (H) when the damage is halved (at least it is better, couldn't increase this too much due to the the position of the magnifying glass when the character sheet has minimum width).
    • The used ability for the calculation of the spell DC can be changed for each single action/spell entry which then overwrites the ability coming from the spellclass (natively it still uses the one of the spellclass of course)
    • Option for defining reset of actions: Long/short rest or consumable (the latter's usage never resets).
    • All the cycle buttons with CL, even CL and odd CL (or more) now also have CL/3 which simply uses CL/3 (rounded down and minimum 1) as a number
    • ROLLON effect
    • nodex condition to test whether someone has any effect which neglects the Dex mod to AC
    • HEAL now targetable
    • COC effect for concentration checks (PF1)
    • d descriptor for diving by any number; and defining maximum of a tag

    3. AoO tracker, part of full overlay packages: See full summary in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...tunity-tracker

    • Adds an AoO tracker in the CT.
    • Respects Combat Reflexes of NPCs.
    • Automates the tracker when an AoO is done.

    • Incorporated the keen effect of darrenan such that it is now also compatible with this extension (but do not load the keen extension then, it's incorporated in that extension now; beware the opposite behaviour w.r.t. the previous point
    • Incorporated and updated flat-footed on start extension of mr900rr (thanks! ), an automatic apply of the effect flatfooted, see https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post411946. (see the thread of AoO for a manual how to use this)
    • The automatic apply of flatfooted will not be done when either the PC has (improved) uncanny dodge under Class abilities or the NPC has (improved) uncanny dodge in its SQ (special qualities) (no need for having them as effects except when you maybe want to use the new NIFT operators of my save versus tags extension )

    4. Antimagic.ext: See full summary in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-helping-tool)

    • Adds a global toggle to turn on/off magical effects and penalties. In that way you do not have to click through each effect all the time or, when you made some "antimagic effect" for each PC to avoid clicking through all effects, you do not have to change this effect all the time when some buff expires or is added.

    5. StrainInjury, also part of its own overlay package: See the original summary in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...iant-Extension

    6. Custom Hotkeys.ext: See https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...859#post557859,
    • Adds settings for custom hotkeys for facing and scaling
    More in the next post
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    • Theme for 3.5e and PF1 (and some other rulesets probably); a mix of the dungeon and leather theme of 5e.

    • Adds a height label to tokens. Code basically from Ken L

    • Adds effects for advantage and disadvantage
    • Included in the overlay packages. So, when you use the overlay stuff then do not load this separately
    • Prototype! (but already much less so )

    As mentioned above, AoO, save versus tags and advanced 3.5e/PF1 are included in the following overlay package:
    • Combines Advanced Effects, Save versus tags and AoO tracker.
    • Adds overlays to give a visual hint about if someone is affected by a spell. This respects spell/action immunity, attacks (also miss chance), CLCs, saves, evasion and improved evasion. (optional)
    • Adds blood and death overlays. (optional)
    • There are options to turn the overlays off
    • The overlay idea comes from Ken L
    • This extension is incompatible with the Naval Combat Extension that comes with Skulls & Shackles AP
    • Second version with different icons in its thread
    • Similar for strainInjury: StrainInjury with Full OverlayPackage with new icons.ext, https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...695#post445695

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    Future extensions (not sure if I will ever be able to do that):

    • Celestian's/rmilmine's advanced effect extension for 3.5e/PF.
    • New "spell class" for maneuvers as grapple things or the ones in the tome of battle, especially with the ability to force skill checks of targets.
    • Correct reach underlays but it seems that the code for that is encrypted, so not sure if I am able to do that
    • New effect stuff! Negation ! and (C) as in 5e and effect for ignoring effects of targets (like CONC coming from lightning effects, though that effect can have targets; but depending on the numbers of actors in the CT an "ignore target" function could be useful, like an inversed targeting function) and so on (EDIT: somehow partially done now with the negated IF operators)
    • CON effects (or a new separate CON effect) applies damage according to HD
    • Making HP calculation customizable
    • Automatic adding of tags of psi, psi-like
    • Disease and poison automation
    • Time "pusher" (especially for hours etc. and then adding the possibility that hours duration are tracked properly in the CT)
    • Encumbrance of weight automated (armor check penalty and max DEX due to weight not just armor)
    • Negative damage types: For erasing a damage type
    • Ability damage using the damage fields for attributes. Necessary: Ability damage boxes for NPCs
    • IFT: X,Y, Z,...; working as for IFTAG.
    • Aligning NPC parsing to my additional effects (i.e. parsing for IFTAG:.. and so on)
    • Automated ammunition toggle
    • Protection from energy automation; and stoneskin
    • precision damage ignored when sight "concealed" in some sense
    • Carrying over 4e effect stuff (trigger of automatic saves, expiring at end or beginning of turn etc.)
    • Allowing to drag&drop numbers on the ability damage boxes (works already, but it is not additive)
    • Advantage/disadvantage for certain effects only (not just the generic one); fixing damage types bug related to that
    • More mathematics for effect tags like [STR]
    • Height label should vanish when token added to a new map. Overlays should be more persistent
    • Diehard (especially PF1) automation with respect to the death overlays
    • Better PC tags (also quarter of CL etc., see bmos suggestion), maybe also persistent tags which automatically updates the effect (i.e., it does not parse the mod, but looks in the sheet each time the effect is called). By Svandal: Options for a maximum bonus in these tags
    • Adding bmos's blind fight
    • automation for incorporeal stuff (ghost AC etc)
    • Increasing performance for effect systems: Idea, using different databases for that to distribute stuff, like the property fields of weapons or having multiple different windows for effects (global effects, offensive, defensive, tags (used for CUSTOM etc) and so on)
    • Aesthetics: Adding small icons for spells etc; maybe to the hotkeys, too (which requires a persistent link to the sheet then)
    • With the new distance API, see https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l-APIs-for-FGU, adding automation regarding distance, including my height extension
    • FORTIF versus multiple damage types at the same type (like just against critical slashing types)
    • Negative DR effect
    • Svandal request: [D4 5STR] for example (5/4 times STR) (see also Khoredran's request about similar things)
    • Effect for attackers to lower defender's fortification values
    • TEMPO as effect (?)

    For next update to-do-list (thanks to all contributors): https://github.com/users/Kelrugem/projects/1

    Have fun I hope this thread is okay


    LICENSE: You can use and change it however you want, integrate it in your code and reupload it etc., so you can do everything what you want with these extensions but do not commercialize it You do not need to ask me for this But mentioning me as original author or so would be nice (Smiteworks is allowed to integrate the code if they want, hehe ) That only holds for my additions to the code, there are images included in the full overlay package and there I attached the licenses of the images

    EDIT: Some users asked me for some instructions about the effects (how they're used and so on), therefore I made this effect cheat sheet about all my effects from all possible extensions (so, when some effect is not working then it is somewhere in another extension )

    Sometimes you will see an effect which is already in the wiki; I listed them again because I extended their configuration (Like the (T) in DMGTYPE) The style follows the style of the effects wiki

    Cheat sheet.pdf
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    [Reserved for future #1, just in case]

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    [Reserved for future #2, just in case ]

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    Thanks for all your hard work Kel!
    My group really appreciate both your AoO tracker and the leather theme.

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    Thanks for your words

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    With respect to compatibility with other extensions: As I said I made a lot of combined packages but I just realized that my extensions may not be compatible with the mirror image extension of darrenan. Sorry, didn't realize that (since it's only for PF1 and so I do not use it in my 3.5e games). I try to make a combined package with that extension in the future when I find time for it

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    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!

    These are the modules and extensions created and/or taken over by dellanx for PFRPG.

    I had a lot of help and advice from many here at FG.

    Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dellanx View Post
    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!
    Thanks for the words I am glad that someone else can use the antimagic extension, too

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