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    Quote Originally Posted by Asgurgolas View Post
    I go with the following:

    MAGE ARMOR; AC: 4 armor; IFT: TYPE (incorporeal); AC: 4 melee

    it's not perfect but still works most of the time:P
    Precisely, that was probably the reason why I thought it is not needed to code it (or to publish the code I already had; maybe its prototype is still there but commented out in the code) The effect may be only problematic if the incorporeal creature attacks with a weapon? Not sure, never had incorporeal NPCs

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    Incorporeal creatures with weapons still are incorporeal, unless those weapons are ghost touch. But even if it's the case, it'd be such a rare situation I'd just add a "IFT: CUSTOM (Mage Armor); ATK: 4 melee" pasted here and there

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