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    Quote Originally Posted by swest View Post
    No worries, at all. I did not really avail myself of any current events before jumping into this.

    I forget, is there any way to downgrade my FGU to a previous release? I'm not even sure I would want to try it, but I thought I'd ask. If not, I'll be happy to wait until everything is reconciled.

    Thanks for the explanation.


    - s.west
    Sadly there is now way to downgrade :/ I try to fix that as soon as possible Maybe I can get to it earlier than anticipated

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    Hi all

    I finally updated my extensions (the extended automation ones needed a small update) So, the extensions are now compatible with the newest FG version

    @Swest: Does it now work for you again? I couldn't replicate your error but I hope the small update also fixes your error

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    Thanks for the notice. I'll be getting back to this on Sunday or Monday, and I'll let you know.

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