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    Waiting for this ruleset is killing me!

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    Can't wait for the upcoming official ST:A Fantasy Grounds add On.

    Any new updates on the Star Trek:Adventures rules set? Can't wait for this. FG is my Go To for Virtual Tabletop and Modiphius is the first System that seems to have gotten Trek right, from the way they handle Social Conflict to the threat level increase when you escalate combat to Lethal. Let me know if there's any news.

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    We're getting there.
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    Cool! Glad you're making progress. The rule set as is sort of saved my GMing plans, but definitely can't wait. Need any beta testers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by statik37 View Post
    We're getting there.
    *cracks the whip... unless you like the whip, in which case, it is not cracked.
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    Get lots of Star Trek Adventures PDFs on Humble Bundle right now:
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    Will this be similar to Paizo items where owning the PDF through the publisher gives a discount on the Fantasy Grounds purchases?

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    Reminder that there's also my community ruleset while you await the official ruleset to come out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Get lots of Star Trek Adventures PDFs on Humble Bundle right now:
    I will finally be getting STA now, thanks to this. And this will increase the need for a ruleset for FG (at least for me).

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    Hi Valatian. Is this an update for the rules set? The last version I downloaded of comm version doesn't have STA 6 sided dice...just normal 6 sided.

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