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    LFP-Tier 1 module thursday, August 29th at 1100 AM eastern time

    Hey all,

    I would like to run a tier 1 mod this Thursday daytime eastern. It is titles "into the border kingdoms" and it is a 2 hour mod. I would like to start at 1100 AM eastern time. Sign up here:

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    Hello timdog88

    I am one of your active players. I went ahead and created a character. However, I am still new to Fantasy Grounds. Will you be posing instructions, and if so, where?

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    Hello, I would like to join. Could you please share the contact information for the game?

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    Hey all. I have updated the calendar page with my server alias for the game. I will have the server up about an hour before game time, so 2 hours and 40 minutes from now, if you need to build a character or anything.

    Voice will be over discord, me server is here:

    Lupus, are you familiar with adventurers league rules? if not, check them out at If you are just new to fantasy grounds, feel free to hop on the table when I open it up at 10 and play around with your character. I will be on there about 30 minutes before gametime if you have any questions. To join my game, hit the "join game" tab when you open fantasy grounds and type in my server alias, which you will find on the calendar page. Please have a microphone for voice, set to push to talk.

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    Server Info

    Hello timdog88

    I looked at the calendar and I couldn't find the server address.

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    So you're looking for an "alias" a four word phrase that fantasy grounds uses in place of a numeric server address. Mine is " rich vest crazy castle" make sure it is all lowercase and that there is a space between each word

  8. #8 is currently 11 AM eastern and I don't have anyone logged into my table. I will give it a few minutes but if no one show up I guess Im gonna call it

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    Game canceled due to lack of players

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    Sorry Tim, I think it has been some kind of confusion with the timezones, because acording to google at the time of this message its 10:50 Easter Time (EST), 10 minutes before the game:

    I think what you meant when scheduling the game was 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT):

    So me, and I guess the rest of European players tought taht the game was right now.
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