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    In general, the pregens are built (probably not much automation though), though I'll have to update the inventory to redrag the weapons (should only take 1-2 minutes).

    I would mainly need Organized Play ID and character # in that case.

    Edit: Waiting for one more response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan_ View Post
    I would mainly need Organized Play ID and character # in that case.
    2361203-701, Mayakeshmiyutra “Maya”, Exo-Guardians

    Question: would I be able to use Maya's Amateur Hireling Access ally boon together with the pregen?

    If so, would the bonus be 2 + Maya's level (currently 2) or 2 + the pregen's level (4)?

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    Thanks, I forgot about faction.

    Interesting question. I don't think they get to use other characters' boons (though they do seem to get boon slots) but I could be wrong.

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    Update: As everyone should be able to make it, we'll try to start shortly after 3 PM GMT (so in around 20-30 minutes).

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    Okay -- am I playing as well? If so, I think you have to accept my pending application before I can see the server address. Thanks!

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    Apologies, i forgot about that. You should now be accepted.

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    Chronicle drafts sent (last one attached).

    If you spot any errors or want to make any purchases let me know, otherwise I'll sign it.
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    Last signed version attached.
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