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    Release Updates for September 3rd, 2019

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated:

    Midgard Heroes Handbook (5E)
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs

    Ultimate Commander (5E)
    • [Fixed] Broken links

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 1: Hellknight Hill
    • [Fixed] Issue with Bracers of Missile Deflection being the wrong price.

    D&D Monster Manual and all Monster Packs
    • [Added] Complete reference section with all monster descriptions, images etc
    • [Added] Lots of artwork missing from the original version
    • [Added] All flavour text missing from the original (yellow sidebars)
    • [Updated] All monster images have been completely overhauled
    • [Updated] All new tokens for every monster and some new tokens (letter tokens remain untouched)
    • [Added] Complete stat blocks for the following variant monsters; Bone Devil, Ice Devil, Erinyes, Faerie Dragon (all colours), Drow (all except mage), Modrons (all), Satyr, and Troll.
    • [Added] Variant actions added to existing stat blocks for the following monsters; all Demons, Devils, Mephits, and Yugoloths
    • [Fixed] Typos and misaligned text

    SFRPG Ruleset
    • [Updated] base.xml to Rev 1.0.15
    • [Added] Spells Tab and moved Spells from Action tab to Spells tab
    • [Removed] Level 0 from Spells Per Day
    • [Added] Spells Known Line Both Update automatic. (Spells Per Day will update anytime your spell-casting ability stat score changes).
    • [Updated] Level 0 Spell Bar now reads "Level 0 At-Will", no longer shows a use circle, level 0 Spells will not disappear when used if in "Combat Mode".
    • [Added] Ability Group for abilities like Trick Attack ect
    • [Fixed] Cast action includes Skill Bonus, and DC Check configurations.
    • [Updated] Traps Effect is now a Attack String, also transfers to Atk section on NPC when dropped in CT.
    • [Fixed] Trained Only Skills with Free Skill Ranks ONLY no longer report (UNTRAINED).
    • [Fixed] Operative (Explorer Spec) not listing the Free Skills.
    • [Added] Traps button to top of NPC Library.
    • [Fixed] Filter Type to show Types (I.E. Frame)
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