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    Probably the easiest way: treat DR vs cutting attacks as "layered"—penetration (after initial DR) of less than DR gets no modifier, but past that gets the normal ×1.5. (Assuming I remember that correctly)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DingoSoulEater View Post
    DTE - Hit Locations

    The Hit Locations extension adds an additional tab to the Combat Menu, which allows the individual tracking of hit locations for the character, and armour. To comply with SJC Guidelines and protect copyright, no information is included in this extension and will need to be added by the user, such as the hit locations themselves or any details relating to them.

    Each Hit Location has a field for the name of the location, an expanding list of any DR that applies to that location, a 'total DR' field, a field to track any injury/wound to that area, a field to record the Hit Location Penalty to hit that location if desired, and a random min-max which is not currently utilised but is next on my list.

    DTE Hit Locations requires DTE Char Overrides, to insert itself into the character sheet cleanly.

    Version 1.0 - Release
    Expanding list of hit locations, and fields to record armour lists implemented for characters.

    Future Plans...
    Add to NPC and Combat Tracker.
    Add Random Hit Location roller, which accepts an input of a dice string (eg; 3d6), rolls against the table, and using the Random min/max inserted, returns a location and all relevant DR.
    Add automatic Total DR calculator.
    Add better means of handling 'sub'locations, such as Torso -> Vitals.
    Add means of comparing damage type (as a string/regex) to all DR in a given area, taking DR Mods into account. (EG, dragging '15 slash' damage into an area will have it not only deduct the damage by the DR, but take submods like '-1 slash' or 'x2 slash' into account).
    Thank you DingoSoulEater!
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    Looks like some really good work in here. The ammo tracking is an area I'm interested in at the moment so I may have to give it a whirl.

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    Hi All!

    I've been super busy with work so this took a bit of a pause, and since FGU was coming out I wanted to hold off even longer.

    I can confirm that all of my extensions work fine in Fantasy Grounds Unity and the GURPS Ruleset (once the ruleset gets a hotfix)

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