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    New version out (I think 5.0? lol).

    2nd Level spells and their heightened versions have been gone through thoroughly (though if you find something you think could be improved, please let me know!). Really trying to make sure that there's accuracy and advanced functionality in all spell use to make it easier on GMs and Players alike.

    All-in-One Druid added as well.

    Because of the transmutation features available to Druids as well as their more functional companions, I've added both Animal Form and various Animal Companion character sheets to the module. These will be available through this module by clicking on the import Character Button (upward blue arrow, bottom right) from the Character Selection window. Along with the all-in-ones (though I feel like the spells tabs should be making them less necessary), you'll find importable character sheets for these companions and forms for the levels.

    Here's a screenshot:

    At least for my online groups, my players enjoy having a playable sheet for their companions and when they shapechange, so for anyone also looking for a quick template to draw from, it's in this ever growing file.

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    So I updated this to 6.0, and it includes only Fighter powers and features. Normally, I also include a level of spells but because there were some new processes with fighter, I thought I would release this one on its own.

    There are a ton of action and reaction features and feats for fighter that add some very cool gameplay and some more complicated processes to them. Because of that, I tried my best to come up with solutions that might work without having to create huge arrays of effects or long lists of altered weapons. Hopefully, this will be suitable enough to enable easier play by players/GMs, but I am always (always) willing to hear other ideas and alter my efforts to something better.

    What follows may be old hat for many/most of you, but here's some ways PF2 in FG can be used that maybe is new to some.

    Here's one example, looking at Power Attack:

    So for Sir Loin, I pointed out a few key fields. Strong, handsome, noble that he is, he figures no one would want to damage his pretty face, so he has eschewed use of a shield, so he went with a Greatsword. He also hits the castle's weight room a lot, so like to show off his powerful build, even in combat, so chose Power Attack as his first Feat. I took Power Attack from the spell list file (along with Attack of Opportunity and Shield Block, which is found elsewhere in the Spells Tab). I cleaned up the title (don't need to see class and level it's available), so hes' ready to use them. He won't be using Shield Block (it's currently set to a default of 5 Hardness), but it's there in case he ever changes his mind about others not wanting to smash his smug face.

    Because he went with Greatsword, the base Effects that come with Power Attack won't work. I first need to change that so it reflects how his Power Attack will actually work when Employed. So, going into the magnifying glass to the right of the 2nd effect entry for Power Attack, I want to change that to 1d12 slashing. I am going to get rid of the bludgeoning example because he's only interested in whooping people with his big sword. If he changes his mind, and begins to use other melee weapons that he uses Power Attack on, I can just use the framework of the current one to make a new one IF it's not a 1d12 slashing weapon.

    End Result:

    So now, on a hit, he can hit the second little person button to add the DMG: 1d12 slashing effect to his character on the combat tracker. This will mean that when he clicks his Greatswords damage, instead of just rolling 1d12+4 slashing damage, it will roll 2d12+4 slashing damage as appropriate. When he goes up levels, he'll need to change this again to reflect the new additional weapon die damage.

    Alternatively, I also included an example of a Weapon that's already keyed for Power Attack. In the first Screenshot, you will see I also circled the entry for Weapon Example within the Power Attack effects text. This offers a different approach to having a Power Attack ready for use on our dear friend, or at least tolerable associate, Loin. This is a "new" weapon to add to Inventory. I know, Loin is going to be upset that we're giving him a Longsword, but we can ease his concern later. Let's see what we get when we add it initially:

    This added a 0 weight (it's not really a new weapon, so it shouldn't add bulk) weapon entry for a (Power Attack) Longsword. This needs to be quickly altered into a Greatsword.

    A few things to note here:
    (1) You actually don't have to alter the inventory version to have it working on the Actions Tab. Changes there are not reflected on the Actions Tab. That said, I like to change it if I use this just for constancy and reference (so I would change it so they looked identical except for bulk and cost)
    (2) If you are comfortable just adding a new weapon to the Actions Tab, you can skip this part and just get to Editing the Weapons Section of the Actions Tab. This weapon framework is just here as a quick way to add an entry for those learning some of the tricks. To add a BLANK WEAPON on the Actions Tab, just right click anywhere in the weapons section and select Add Weapon from the Radial Dial.

    Let's head over to the Actions Tab and see where the real work is done:

    Now we can see what we are shooting for. The initial new weapon is what you would get with a Add Weapon selection to create this attack. Beneath it is what the final product that we are shooting for. The name can be change to whatever you think is best - for Sir Loin, who's a bit dense to be honest, I left it as the full wording with the symbols. Someone more clever or aware may be able to use something more streamline like (PA) Greatsword knowing that it stood for a 2-action power attack... but not Loin... he spends too much time looking at himself in a mirror to understand subtle acronyms.

    So cleaning up our intrepid fighter's inventory and action tab (I end up deleting the fake inventory item once I have the updated Add Weapon entry), which includes making sure the Proficiency is set correctly, the final product might look something like this:

    In this example, he has a clickable attack and damage entry on the Weapons Tab that reflects his efforts to attack with extra power. Down the road, when he gets new weapons or his greatsword improves with various rune etchings, he'll adjust that power attack entry as well.

    Either options works... using the EFFECTS button to add the extra weapon die damage or creating a weapon entry with the damage built in.
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    So, learned a little trick today that probably others have known, but I hadn't tried before

    I had finished the all-in-one Monk and decided to do the fine-toothed comb work-through on 3rd level spells. Ran into Chilling Darkness. Good spell. Even better against Celestials. Problem is, players don't always know what they are fighting, so when do you tell them to use the extra EFFECT marker for extra damage.

    Here's the trick, I found, in testing this out: put in a precursor to the IFT to ensure it'll fire off (and go away) regardless of the foe has the IFT logic come back as true. So here's what Chilling Darkness looks like now in my (upcoming) release of this module:

    The DMGS: 0 will ensure this EFFECT will fire when spell damage is rolled. It'll then check for Celestial to see if the DMGS: 5d6 evil will also take effect. So for this spell, they can always hit the effect button when preparing to do damage and it'll handle the extra damage (and removing it) from there.
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    That is pretty cool. So click on the effects icon prior to making the spell attack. Spell fires and effect checks target qualifications for secondary effect which also fires if true.

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    Version 7 is out. Monk and 3rd level spells being the highlight.

    • Added (SR) Monk in the Spells Tab
    • Added All-in-One Monk.
    • Completed the thorough walk-through of 3rd Level Spells and their Heightened Versions.
    • Removed Master Caster and Master Beast (simply better/easier to drag properties from the Spells Tab).
    • Updated the Spells Tab to have more detailed Groupings: there is now a (SR) Beast, (SR) Actions and Skills, (SR) Afflictions, (SR) Armor Traits and Specialization Effects, etc.

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    So in working on the All-in-One Ranger, I ran into the immediate issue with Hunter's Edge: Flurry... and how to handle that. Curious what others have done. Here's how I currently have it set up:

    There are two options above. First, the simple act of hitting an EFFECT button for 2nd and third attacks off of the character's powers sheet. This requires remember to use the first one for a 2nd Attack (+2) and the second one for a third attack (+4) when targeting a hunted prey.

    The other option requires spending a little time setting up extra weapons (radial dial Add Weapon) for each weapon used (or potentially used) against Hunted Targets. I showed an example of the shortbow and the shortsword, but also set it up for the longsword. The key there is to make sure everything is replicated between each version except the added bonus to 2nd and 3rd attack the Flurry Attacks get. Obviously, when this is set up, the player no longer needs to use the EFFECT buttons for Flurry.. they just use the appropriate attack bonus for the individual weapons.

    I currently use the extra weapons method in my games. However, I am always open to suggestions or methods others have used that prove to be more effective. Has anyone found something that seems to work better?
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    Ranger should be released as part of this package today or tomorrow, but someone asked me about how to apply the "Hunt Prey" marking for use by characters, so I'll explain this a bit now for anyone interested (with or without using my Module).

    This works for a lot of things, but the Hunt Prey feature of Rangers is a good example to use.

    For me, I begin with a simple Spell Class that holds a character special features. So for Ranger, it'll initially look something like this:

    The highlighted sections are what we are looking at for this particular aspect. The second button on Hunt Prey is for applying the Hunt Prey tag to a foe. Simply select a target, click that button, and it will apply the Effect (Hunt Prey; Designated Target) to that creature. This then allows the IFT: Custom (Hunt Prey) on the ranger to fire true when that specific opponent is involved. This is how it should look once applied:

    In the above, I applied the Hunt Prey; Designated Target on the Skeletal Champion. So any IFT Custom that looks for Hunt Prey will now trigger as true.
    On the character, as an Outwit Ranger, he get's a +1 to AC against any attacks from the Hunt Prey target. This is reflected in the (permanent) effect Outwit; IFT: CUSTOM (Hunt Prey); AC: 1 circumstance
    So now, when the Skeletal Champion takes a Longsword +10 attack against our Ranger, you can see in the chat box that it's attack was against the Ranger who now has the [DEF EFFECTS +1] bonus added to him.

    Unfortunately, with only an AC of 18, even with the +1 (so effect AC 19), that 23 attack roll will hit. Had the Skeletal Champion rolled an 18 total, it would have missed the Ranger because of the +1 boost to AC.

    EDIT: The Hunt Prey effect tag added to a foe would be equally as effective for a Precision Ranger who could have an effect that looks like this:
    Precision; IFT: CUSTOM (Hunt Prey); DMG: 1d8 precision; Hunted Target, First Hit <-- single use self effect

    This would then apply the extra 1d8 precision damage against a Hunt Prey target one time only. That effect would only be applied at the start of a round (if it's not already applied from a previous round) to ensure it wouldn't fire off more than once a round.
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    Okay. I had thought for a minute the precision damage tag for the ranger was a permanent effect that would fire off every round.
    I'm guessing you still have to click it every round if you haven't hit yet.
    But the tag for hunt prey means if he switches targets, it won't affect that target.


    So this should work just fine.

    The custom tag thing is actually pretty cool. So, if I want to label someone Jerkface, and have sneak attack only go off on someone who's a Jerkface, it'll work. haha
    Just a joke, but the point is still the same.
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    Yep yep! You got it!

    Yeah, there's no real way (so far as I know) to have a trigger like that go off only once a round short of someone coming along and making an EXT file that deals with a new set of variables.

    And no, I am not volunteering! I have enough I am working on already
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    New version out! 8.0
    • Added (SR) Ranger in the Spells Tab
    • Added All-in-One Ranger which includes a Snares Spell Tab.
    • Added (SR) Snares

    Because Rangers have the option to make heavy use of Snares, I thought it was important to include a Snares section in this version. All the CRB Snares are in there, with the appropriate Attacks, Damages, and/or Effects associated with them. Hopefully, this allows for easier use of snares in game.

    Just go into (SR) Snares on the Spells Tab, then drag whatever snare you have crafted or bought onto a spell tab and it should be ready for use.

    One additional note on Snares. Because Rangers have the Ability to Make Snares easily with Snare Specialist, it might be a good practice to treat those individual snares like normal spell slots. For Example, Set up a Snare (Spell Class) and use the first level spell slot to indicate how many snares you can make each day (Snare Specialist, at first, allows for 4). So on any given preparation day, you might quick craft 1 Hampering Snare, 2 Spike Snares, and 1 Alarm Snare. You can then set them to the appropriate number of uses using Preparation Mode and be able to check them off as "used" as you go along.
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