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    One Shot Saturday 8-31-19 5E 7pm EST

    D&D 5E
    Tomorrow Night (Saturday)
    7PM EST
    I have an Ultimate license so you only need the Demo
    Voice Required; Discord
    RP/Combat mix 50/50
    LVL-1 Bring your own or roll one up.
    Players Handbook Characters only
    Open to all player abilities and ages

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    Tiefling Warlock looking for employment

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    PM sent

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    I'd be interested; is point buy 15, 13, 13, 13, 11, 8 an acceptable build choice? Human, ranger preferably but will run anything.

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    Tabarkus; absolutely. Replying to your PM right now.

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    I had a great time, thanks folks for showing up. Glad that you enjoyed this Curious Case of Ellery Kingsman. It was a mystery adventure that I found on DMguild and converted for FG.

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